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Storm Alert (Re-Mastered)
May 2006
Released: 2006, Escapi Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This an old goodie from the old El Paso boys in Torture that now is available re-mastered. It was back in 1986 that two school boys started Torture with the primary influence of Celtic Frost. They recorded a demo the year after and the band opened for acts like Death, Death Angel, Dark Angel and Flotsam and Jetsam. In 1989, the result of their metal apprenticeship came to fruition with the indie release in London of the equally impressive STORM ALERT. The album didn’t make it in the States and it has since then been talked about, tape traded, and revered as a true underground cult classic. Their last gig was made in Phoenix together with Sepultura and Obituary then was the band put to rest.

2004 was the time right for a Torture revival and Tom spend numerous of hours locked in the studio remastering and remixing STORM ALERT. The work wasn’t ready until 2006 when this long lost classic restored and re-brutalized finally was done. STORM ALERT is now complete with the two meteor tracks added to the recording. As a great fan of both thrash and death metal, it’s quite fun to hear such an old album in a new shape and I think that everyone that was around when the genre exploded at the beginning of the 90’s is gonna enjoy it too.

The album is long, 65 minutes is really long for a thrash album that should be like a punch in the face. It would have been enough with 45 minutes or less. The album contains an intro, and believe it or not, a thrash Christmas song called “Slay Ride”. We also have two instrumental tracks by the names of “Whips pt1” and “Whips pt2”. It says that the album contains bonus tracks but where they are I don’t know, I haven’t found them. The quality of the material varies heavily. The boys deliver everything from primitive old school thrash to acoustic intros. It feels like the band has difficulty deciding what genre they want to be in. The album works best when they deliver old school thrash in songs like “Ignominious Slaughter”, “Blood Portraits”, “Terror Kingdom”, “Enter The Chamber”, “Deceiver”.

The production still sound like it’s the late 80's and like they have recorded it in a very poor studio with crappy equipment so I don’t really know what the meaning re-mastered really means in this case. But despite that, it’s really fun to hear an old thrash act that really knows how to deliver proper thrash, it can also be interesting to for newer thrash fans to hear what the scene and music sounded like back in the days when it all began.
Track Listing

Ignominious Slaughter
Dwell Into Surreality
Blood Portraits
Slay Ride
Terror Kingdom
Storm Alert
Enter The Chamber
Whips pt1
Whips pt2


Tom Hicks – lead vocals, guitar
Deric Gunter – bass
Joe Robinson – guitar
Jerry Norland – drums

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