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Te Deum
4-track demo `99
June 2000
Released: 1999, Independant
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Te Deum are a six-piece Portuguese doom/gothic metal band who claim Anathema and (old) Paradise Lost as major influences - two band's I'm not altogether overly familiar with. I can say that this is nothing like Draconian Times by Paradise Lost but I can hear a slight influence. This band is fronted by two vocalists in what has become a typical combination - a death metal growler and a female "angelic" voice. In places the keyboards are a bit loud but the guitar is thick and crunchy and the drums sound cool and are played decently. The CD's opening track "The Tomb" is by far the best track on this demo. Compared to the other songs on the CD it's a lot more intense and has a few places with some nice double bass work. This track has a lot of moods in it, as it should to keep it interesting considering it clocks in at over 7 minutes. Most songs on this CD are long and have a lot of melodic moments mixed with more intense elements. Sometimes there are parts in the songs that feature only piano and the female soprano voice ("A Place of Hidden Secrets") - this is not what I like about the band. I prefer the songs where there is a mixture of the vocals and the music is undeniably metal. The third track - "A Requiem For Christ" was to put it mildly - horrible! It church organ music...yuck!! There's no other instruments in this song, just the silly organ. Things get back on track on the CD closer "Dark Cathedrals of Innocence" with the heavy guitars and double kick drumming. The piano in the background on this one was original and didn't drown out the guitars.

This is a band that takes a few listens to grasp. This is not straight ahead metal by any means. If they would emphasize their heavier influences and have a mild gothic overtone then this would be more up my alley. Some guitar solos wouldn't hurt this band either! (More guitars, more guitars more guitars!!!) The operatic vocals work, but only to a point - I listen to metal, not opera. The mixture of vocals is interesting in places but it would be even more interesting to hear if both vocalists could bend their styles at times because even though there are two vocalists there is no deviation from the two distinct styles. You can hear one line from each and you know what to expect from them throughout the entire CD. The female vocals are always high and operatic and the death vocals are always growling. Heavy it up and work on the vocals and this band could become a major player. For more info on the band check out their webpage at
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by EvilG

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