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Truth -
Devoid of Life
August 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Well, I've certainly had it all this month: power metal, black metal, death metal, and now this. Of course, by this I mean the new CD EP release by Truth, Devoid of Life. Yep, I'm swamped with indie bands this month! Truth falls into a category occupied by bands like Temple of Eternity, a sort of death-y metal crossed with hardcore/grindcore tendencies. Now, I love death metal, but admittedly, I am not a huge fan of either hardcore or grindcore. What's worse, is that this is a quickly filling and stagnating sub-genre, loaded with talentless bands. So, you can imagine how excited I get when these kinds of CD's come my way. Still, Truth is both light on the grindcore elements, and pretty damn good at what they do, making this CD tolerable. At the very least, they've got some groove instilled into their low-tuned madness.

"For Myself" is a great example of where this sub-genre can go if done correctly. While the band grinds along, they take time to throw in a pretty groovy mid-section as well as some cool little stop/starts. Cool song! The next song, "Days of Salvation" is one of those "whisper to growl" type songs, that, while not as cool as, say, Hatred, is a pretty effective angry song. I have just one problem with these songs: the vocals are so goddamned run of the frickin' mill! Everything that comes out of Keith Coombes' mouth has been heard countless times before! The black metal screams mixed with the death growls. This is no longer a cool addition to metal, and is growing tiring quickly.

The true winner on this album is album closer "Truth". The track is a 9-minute tour de force of Truth-metal, perfectly combining all of the best elements of the band's sound. What's really interesting is the last 3 ½ minutes of the song, where it becomes this really creepy sounding keyboard driven melody with bass and guitar lightly picking over top. Very cool! Hopefully the band will take this creativity and apply it to their more harsh material on future releases - THAT would be devastating! Contact:
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