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Satan in the Vatican
November 2010
Released: 2010, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Trust*No1 is an Austrian extreme metal band that has been formed by some of the core members of Darkwell; a Gothic band with some progressive and doomy elements thrown in. The musical core of Trust*No1, however, is said to be old school Death Metal, which is also said to be spiced up with a healthy dose of Crossover elements and some other extreme metal styles. Sounds like a worth checking out musical concept, doesn´t it?

Having heard the band´s SATAN IN THE VATICAN quite a few times through, I must honestly say nothing grabbed me on this album – simply nothing, apart from an occasional amount of pretty effective and catchy riffs and stuff (the song called “Neda” has some nice and cool riffs in it). Overall the music on this disc, is very uninspired, lifeless and just kills a listener by plain boredom. I can even partly subscribe the band´s attempt to create some sort of old school Death Metal-meets-Crossover on the album, as they do have both the old school Death Metal and Crossover thing incorporated into this release. Unfortunately no matter how hard (or desperately) they try to make an impact on me with these 10 songs on the record, they tend to fail each time – one after another.

Kinda sad that stuff like this is getting released all the time by labels because there are more than a decent load of better and more talented acts around these days that would deserve to get signed, and make an album. The Austrian Trust*No1 isn´t one of those bands – that´s all I can say. Skip this.
Track Listing

01. Red Star
02. Holodomor
03. Neda
04. Political
05. Il Duce
06. There Is No God
07. Satan in the Vatican
08. M-26-1
09. 1532
10. Brother No1


Raphael - Vocals
Nussi - Guitar
Moe - Guitar
Roland - Bass
Manzn - Drums

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