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Titan Steele
The Force
November 2007
Released: 2007, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here´s metal for all true metal maniacs out there only...!! What´s "true metal" though? I guess it´s just a plain synonym for whatever that´s only purpose is to feed your mind from some classic US heavy/power metal to NWOBHM to some old school German heavy metal to... nah, whatever!

Titan Steele is actually sort of a reincarnation from a German metal band called Ritual Steel as it contains 3 ex-members from the Ritual Steel line-up. The rights of Ritual Steel´s name belong to band´s former drummer, Martin Zelmer, so for the copyright reasons, a new name, Titan Steele, was chosen to carry out ex-members´ vision how they wanted their ´true metal´ to sound like.

Having Sascha "Sir Lord Doom" Maurer to lead the troops of Titan Steele, the band does a decent job for keeping the flame alive for their ´true´ metal. I mean, there´s nothing extraordinary or exceptionally mind-sticking in their sound that you wouldn´t have heard before. But somehow they still manage to keep things pretty interesting through the entire album, let´s say, without trying too hard and pushing their limits toward something which would make them sound ridiculous, if you know what I mean by this. Most of the time the songs rely on mid-tempos that are nicely supported by Sascha´s very good vocals, many killer riffs, decent solo work and such. The 2nd last song on the album, titled "Metal", pretty much also sums up my overall feelings about THE FORCE - partly thanks to my own a bit drunk-ish condition, 7 or 8 empty beer bottles later...
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Devil Take Me
03. Nightgazer
04. Soulmates
05. Take What Fate Brings
06. Titan Steele
07. Lady Lightning
08. Metal
09. The Sign


Sascha Maurer - Vocals
Timo Tippmann - Guitar
Torsten Lang - Guitar
Stefan Fitz - Bass
Florian Tabbert - Drums

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