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November 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Tiamat has been releasing albums since way back in the -90’s. Their debut SUMERIAN CRY came in 90, the follow up THE ASTRAL SLEEP came the following year and they have steady released albums since then. Their last album came -02 called JUDAS CHRIST and it’s that album their going to follow up now with their 8th album PREY. I don’t think that Tiamat needs no further introduction. In 1994 they released the groundbreaking album WILDHONEY that turned the whole gothic scene up side down.

The first taste of the new album came in September with a CDS by the name “Cain”. That CDS included three tracks with one song from the album and a cover “Sleeping (In the Fire) originally recorded by W.A.S.P, and one unreleased track that’s not on the album. I think their own Tiamat-songs worked out really well but the cover didn’t work at all.

Now, the long awaited album is out and the mastermind Mr. Edlund has gathered 13 tracks on PREY and he keeps himself within the frames of sad gothic metal but has also tried on some more dark/gloomy/black rock like Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. Mr. Edlund has taken a dive into different emotional moods that turns out to sound very atmospheric and epic. Tiamat has been to my neighbour country Finland to record this album. Just like their labelmates in Marble Arch they have used Finnvox studio to record in. Some of the songs like “Nihil” and “The Pentagram” are based by poems by Aleister Crowley.

“Cain” and “Clovenhoof” are dark/sad gothic metal that goes really slow in the chorus and Mr. Edlund sounds really depressed in his voice. These songs have really big similarities with Type O Negative. Very sing a long friendly chorus. “Ten Thousand Tentacles”, “The Garden of Heathen” and “Triple Cross” are pure instrumental tracks that go straight into the songs. It’s a pretty unnecessary 1.5 minute song. And I don’t know if you should take them as an intro or as a song. “Wings of Heaven” is also a sad depressive song where they have used strings. The tempo is very slow. “Love in Chains”, “Nihil”, “The Pentagram” and “Light in Extension” are a bit faster for everyone in the band. This is more faster gothic metal with lots of guitars and keyboard high up in the soundpicture. “Divided” has a piano intro before the band sets off. This song is incredibly slow. The piano has a very big part in the sound. Mr. Edlund shares the vocals with a female singer here; I have no info on which she is. Halfway into the song the tempo rises and it sounds very beautiful with a woman singing to Mr. Edlund. “Carry Your Cross and I’ll Carry Mine” is a slow song with a lot of heavy guitar and I think that’s the same woman who sings the whole song. Mr. Edlund only sings in the chorus, heavy gothic metal. “Prey” is a very sad song with an intro with just guitar that continues on into the song while Edlund whispers his vocals.

Edlund and Tiamat have delivered a very strong album. Personal favourites are “Cain”, “Love in Chains”, “Divided” and “Carry Your Cross I’ll Carry Mine”. I think that those songs are a bit stronger than the rest. Edlund impresses a lot on vocals as he has a very deep and broad vocal ability. Thomas impresses on guitar as well.

If you’re a fan of gothic mixed with dark rock you should absolutely check out this Swedish band.
Track Listing

Ten thousand tentacles
Wings of heaven
Love in chains
Carry your cross and I’ll carry mine
Triple cross
Light in extension
The garden of heathen
The pentagram


John Edlund – lead vocals, guitar, keys
Anders Iwers – bass
Lars Sköld – drums
Thomas Petersson - guitar

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