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November 2010
Released: 2010, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Frost, snow, mountains, ravens, trolls, darkness… sounds like traveling to Norway in the middle of deepest and coldest winter, right? Let Thyruz, this vicious Norwegian Black Metal act from Eidsvoll, Norway, be our guide through these frosty and icy lands where even Hell can freeze over.

Thyruz have been around since the late summer of 1999, recorded a sackful of demos and one full-length studio album in 2007 called NORTHERN BLASPHEMY. Ever since then the band has been sharpening their weapons in the coldest snow and thickest ice, and getting ready for their 2nd hunting trip.

DISEBLOT, this new 8-track offering from our all evil-breathing Norwegian hunters, have sucked so much grimness, pure coldness and darkness into this release that it has this instant tendency to freeze your soul in a split second.

Most of the time the songs on this album show off a very raw and violent brand of Black Metal, surrounded by some occasional, more thought out grim atmospheres to sink a listener knee-deep into their frost-covered traps. At best Thuryz are truly, in those less chaotic and slower parts, nailing down that blood-curdling beast that this record could not survive without. Hedin´s surprisingly morbid Black Metal rasps and screeches also seem to bring vastly more evilness into the band´s realm of darkness and frost – way more than one might expect in the first place.

If you need some band comparisons to Thyruz´s stuff, it´s kinda hard to compare them straight to some other Black Metal acts that are out there these days. Anyway, I guess Thyruz will most likely appeal to fans of a faster type of Black Metal – with some cool atmospheric parts thrown in, let´s say – from Dark Funeral and Immortal's AT THE HEART OF WINTER era and the like.

However, among an ever-growing pile of other Black Metal releases quality-wise, it´s still kinda hard to believe that Thyruz´s 2nd offering will stand the test of time in the long run though. I hope I am wrong, but obviously time will tell…
Track Listing

01. A Funeral Feast
02. Vargaate
03. Blot
04. Circles of Eternal Flames
05. Realm of Darkness
06. Ominous Vocation
07. Spiritual Mass
08. Silver Haze


Hedin Varf - Vocals
Gorm - Guitar
Ravnsvartr - Guitar
Ymer - Bass
Mjølner - Drums

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