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October 2015
Released: 2015, Talheim Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

German black metal quartet Thyrgrim have emerged from the depths of their passionate despair to release their fifth studio album Dekaden. After forming in 2005 they have earned a name for themselves across Germany and graced the stage at Inferno Festival in Norway. This latest release encompasses the dark, angry, rawness of grief and depression.

Opening track 'Dette er tysk svart metal’ gives us no gentle introduction, no slow ominous buildup and no chance to prepare for the assault that follows. Fast riffs, plodding bass lines, blast beats underlying a gripping and convincing vocal delivery. The second track, 'Die Hölle ist hier' is less relentless with a more melodic and atmospheric interpretation, interspersed with familiar blasting sections before the third track's ever so brief slow build up is quickly destroyed by the vocals. Fourth track ’Zeichen deiner Schwäche’ settles the pace slightly with some drudging riffs and vocal-supporting melodies before the fifth track ‘Hass’ drops back to the unrelenting sweeps and incessant drumming which seem more incorporated into this track. Sadly there’s nothing much new about the sound despite some more rhythmic variation in the instrumentation and some interesting melodic ideas. However, ‘Interlude' gives us something a little different with its short, somber and dismal instrumental accompanied by the sounds of rain and thunder which continues into the next track. After a melancholic introduction ’Der Weg’ is overlaid by softly spoken vocals before returning to the more familiar sound of the opening tracks. ‘Gezeiten’ brings back the atmospheric with minor, sustained chords and soft interludes which continues through to the penultimate track 'Sterbend II’. Closing the album 'Wenn es schneit’ brings back some of the sweeping passages and slow melodic lines previously explored and concludes with the relentless feel of the opening tracks.

Many of the elements incorporated in Dekaden are commonplace within black metal which leaves this album feeling like it would blend in and disappear into the ether. The instrumental and vocal delivery is consistent and doesn't come across overworked, and the accentuation in the guitars complements the vocal line providing a cohesive and fluid delivery. Despite this there are some repetitive moments and familiar progressions in Dekaden which leaves this album feeling sadly unimaginative.

Review by Helena Byrne
Track Listing

1. Dette er tysk svart metal

2. Die Hölle ist hier

3. Die Seuche Mensch

4. Zeichen deiner Schwäche

5. Hass

6. Interlude

7. Der Weg

8. Gezeiten

9. Sterbend II

10. Wenn es schneit


Kain - Guitar and Vocals

Berath - Bass

Irrsinn - Guitar

Freytod - Guitar

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