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January 2001
Released: 2000, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"God is dead...", and so it goes on. An opening riff for "Insidious Dream of Inhuman Fear" has been spitted out from these vivid-looking apocalyptic morherless goats´ 2nd full-lenght album, aptly titled "The Spirit of Rebellion".

THYRANE´s debut, "Symphonies of Infernality", which was released on Finnish WOODCUT RECORDS way back in -´99, showed that we have witnessed a raise of a young potentially promising (satanic!) Black Metal outfit for whom we should probably keep our eyes on in the near future. And so I did - and so assumably did some others, too.

Compared to their diabolical debut, on this new collection of satanic verses, "The Spirit of Rebellion", the songs have radically been shortened to an avarage lenght of 5 minutes when their songs were over 6 minutes each on "Symphonies..."; like everything unnecessary has been cut out from this 2nd effort and I think that´s where the main reason lies why the songs stand out slightly better this time - being overall catchier and sticking into your mind more easily than before.

What´s also noticeable, the use of synthz/keys supports their blackish assault so much better now than it did on the ear-nailing debut of the band. The 1st three song, "Insidious Dream of...", "Soulless and Broken" and "Chaotic Profane Phenomena" show a huge improvement in that particular department; the opening track has a perfect marriage between synthz and other instruments and it happens to be my fave song out of the album due to its catchiness and all that. They probably couldn´t have found a better opening track for "The Spirit...". It´s a matter of opinion, of course!

The other four songs, "Crushing Defeat of the Triune Godhead (kicks off in the air like any rockish GEHENNAH/VENOM song indeed!)", "Thy World Inverted", "Words of the Prophet (the most savage and violent number on the album!)" and an excellent closer tune, "Blindfolded", are all competitive enough with making the kill as far as all the other releases from this genre are concerned. Apparently THYRANE´s colors of corpsepaints are thicker and deeper inside their skins; they reek more of death and destruction and their art of blasphemy is smoother, unholier and just about that much finer than many others. Maybe so...

This has been conceived and spawned at Tico-Tico Studio under control of Ahti Kortelainen and the band, so you don´t need to worry expecting a rehearsal standard Black Metal product. All Tico-Tico releases stand for quality and professionalism in case you didn´t know that before.

I, therefore, considered "The Spirit of Rebellion", one of the better albums in my book of revelation that the Black Metal scene has produced in the year 2000 Anno Bastardi - like Blastmor & c/o would obviously have put it. A true tidbit on every blackster´s a´la carte list, not a bloody doubt.
Track Listing

01 Insideous Dream Of Inhuman Fear
02. Soulless And Broken
03. Chaotic Profane Phenomena
04. Crushing Defeat of the 05. Triune Godhead
06. Thy World Inverted
07. Words of the Prophet


Blastmor - Vocals, guitars & drums
Avather - Guitar
Daemon - Bass

Sessions musicians:

Hannamari Pörhö - Keyboards
Jaakko Syynimaa - Synthezisers

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