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May 2003
Released: 2003, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Into an industrial influenced Black Metal? In that case I might have something to offer for you… Finland´s futuristically apocalyptic pagans Thyrane´s 3rd full-length album, HYPNOTIC, introduces us these unholy blacksters with renewed and developed sound where keyboards take over vastly a bigger role than on their previous releases. Also, it sounds like the band has somewhat simplified their song structures a bit by cutting away a riff or two from here and there and lowed down the tempo of their songs quite drastically compared to their previous album titled THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION that was conceived and spawned at Tico-Tico Studio in the unholy year of 2000. What´s also notable and should probably be mentioned, a girl named Hannamari that played all the keyboards on the band´s previous album as a session keyboardist, has now been added to the permanent line-up of Thyrane. Good call for the band, I guess ´coz she´s actually capable of conjuring up pretty nicely and effortlessly flowing, atmospheric keyboard sections for the songs throughout the whole album. Also, the band´s era for corpsepaints seems to be an ancient history for them as there´s no sign of any sort of ´painting-it-black-and-mixing-it-with-white´-decoration in Thyrane´s line-up on the sleeves of this particular CD any longer. Now they look ´less evil and brutal´ even if this fact obviously has nothing to do with a slight change of the band´s musical approach, I think. Well, I said, ´I guess…´.

However, I have to confess right away that I liked them better when they had more of those furious fast tempo parts included into their songs; I mean, those parts loaded with pure hate and anger that made me envisioning of things apocalyptic and hellish in the darkest recesses of my mind when I was listening to their back catalogue of albums. On HYPNOTIC their songs sound kinda lame and lifeless… where have their lost their typical yet almost vital ´Blaspheme!-Desecrate!-Kill! –attitude that has always been so integral part of these Christ –mockers´ basic sound in the past? I miss such songs as “Insidious Dream of Inhuman Fear” and “Caotic Profane Phenomena” from their previous album THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION on this particular new collection of ´blasphemies´ of theirs. Unfortunately there´s none that could raise any similar vibes in me as the most furious numbers of THE SPIRIT… did. It saddens me ´coz Thyrane´s new album is the least liked album in my books from them.

Strangely Switzerland´s Samael came to my thoughts (especially the band´s PASSAGE album!) when I was going through the content of HYPNOTIC. I should probably thank Blastmor´s vocal outburst on HYPNOTIC for bringing Vorphalack´s vocalism in his own band to my mind more often than just once or twice on Thyrane´s third full-length album. Check out a song called “Armaya” and get ready some Samael –worshipping in there.

In all honesty I need to spit out that HYPNOTIC lacks of pure aggressiveness and some sheer brutality that made Thyrane such special troops for my likings. Just bring them both back on your next album... and at least I´m very pleased again! ...please!!
Track Listing

01. Human Feed
02. Firework
03. Glamorama Demystified
04. Dance in the Air
05. Armaya
06. The Symptomatic
07. Phantasmal Paranoia
08. Sickening
09. Of Suns and Flames
10. Heretic Hunt


Blastmor – Vocals, guitar & drums
Daemon – Bass
Avather – Drums
Hannamari - Keyboards

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