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Thy Majesty
German Black Metal Art
February 2000
Released: 1999, Undercover Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Ah yes, black metal. I can only appreciate this form of metal so much, as so many of the bands sound the same to me. Thy Majesty is no different that what I've already heard. Blast beats, screaming vocals, blast beats, fast guitars with that typical black metal tone, some melody, some more blast beats, some keyboards, raw production, and an indecipherable logo. This album seems to have everything a black metal album should have. However this stuff just doesn't interest me. In fact, I find this album very boring and typical. Some of the guitar work is pretty solid, reminding me of At The Gates' ruling early material. But from song to song, there is not much variety. Songs sound much the same, and their framework is rather simple. But probably the worst element this band has is what this band doesn't have: a drummer. Yes, they use a drum machine. This will ruin any chance of me getting into a black metal band. I want to be able to listen to an album with fast, insane beats and think "holy shit, that drummer is nuts!" But I can't do that here. With music this fast and noisy, it almost doesn't matter, as some bands seem to have their drums sound so fake anyhow. Regardless, I need that human factor. On top of this, the album's title is just plain stupid. Maybe it's a joke or something. If so, I'm not getting it. If not, then what are these guys thinking? And I cannot help but think of Dream Theater when I read the band's name (Majesty was Dream Theater's original band name). They even have a song called "A Tribute to Thy Majesty". This song has some very annoying vocal lines, and I couldn't resist pressing the forward-track button.

I cannot accurately recommend this album to anyone. Unless you are a face-painted, spiked armband-wearing, evil-as-hell, black metal die hard, you probably won't find much interest in this one. Aside from some nice guitar riffs once in a while, this album doesn't offer anything. If I want extreme, I'll put on Pungent Stench's "For God Your Soul…" CD. That album makes me want to bang my head against the wall and set myself on fire more than Thy Majesty's CD.
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