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Thy Majestie
The Lasting Power
December 2000
Released: 2000, Scarlet/SPV
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

If you are NOT a fan of epic, melodic, Italian, power metal, then here's you're warning to move onto the next review...HOWEVER, if you're like me and you happen to love this genre then you have to read on... Stylistically, this is one of closest bands I've heard to Rhapsody. Their drummer does not play as intensely in the thundering double kick department as Rhapsody, but that element is definitely there. Overall, this is not as intense, but it's clear both bands are cut from the same cloth. Thy Majestie's lead guitarist is very good - although he is not Luca Turilli and the keys are not quite as rich sounding as in Rhapsody. But hey, this isn't a bloody competition. This is well played and after I had heard their CD several times, and stopped over analyzing it, I realized how cool it was. I bet Thy Majesty are SICK of reading about themselves compared to Rhapsody...but it's inevitable. After all, how many epic power metal bands can YOU name from Italy?? The epic/symphonic elements in Thy Majestie include choirs, flutes, orchestras, European folk elements, operatic vocals and a storyline about the eternal fight between good and evil. There is also the "hero" of the story - Arter, a warrior, who has to bring back the peace to his reign. I don't think he wields an emerald sword or has a nice pet dragon like the Mighty Tharos though (hehe...couldn't resist one more Rhapsody reference).

OK, enough with the Rhapsody comparisons. This 15 song CD begins with an intro (as do most all epic power metal albums) called "Thy Majesty Theme." This clocks in at just under the 2-minute mark. A howling wind and keys open the album then the narrator introduces the story. Then there is some nice Conan-like orchestrations...great stuff. I know it's been done, but SO WHAT, I love this stuff! Then it's onto the "Wings of the Wind" which is a great speedy opening track. All the songs on here have something to offer except for the ballad "Treachery" which was not my cup 'o tea. Along with the Intro / Wings of Wind there are two other songs that really stood out for me. The first is "Under Siege" which is a very cool upbeat tune. It has a part at 5mins in where the operatic vocals come in and it's done beautifully. There is a long guitar solo section on here that is very well played with some cool arpeggiated runs and sweeps. The other song that really stood out was "Sword of Justice" - cool riffing and great sing-along style chorus. Honorable mention must go to the CD closer "Time To Battle" (which at the time of the writing of this review is available to listen to in our MP3 archive).

Thy Majestie are one of the better epic/symphonic power metal bands I've heard. In a genre where more and more bands are cropping up I think Thy Majestie are one of the ones that have the potential to come out on top.
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