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3 Song Demo
July 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Are they from Finland or Antartica? Their bio would suggest they're of Finnish descent, contrary to their website claiming the foursome hail from the frozen depths of Antartica. Whatever the case may be, Thunderfist play some pretty kick ass straight forward heavy metal, on this their debut self released three song demo.

I can best describe these four musically as a mixture of early eighties mid-tempo Accept with driving beats, pulsating bass lines and rifftastic guitar parts. Vocally, Thunderfist show a strong NWOBHM influence. Vocalist Dirk Strong at times recalls the classic "devil may care" delivery of Trespass or Blitzkrieg. "Too Hot For Love" could easily have come out twenty some years ago. Yes, Thunderfist sounds dated as hell, but in a good way. I love this kind of classic metal worship. "Decadence" holds it's own in a modern light a bit better than it's predecessor and features a monster chorus line that should transfer nicely into the live atmosphere. "Mandatory Love Machine" packs a wicked punch and makes for a catchy closer to the three song demo. Great riffs on display here. Thunderfist is cohesive as a band and consistent with the delivery of their eighties obsessed heavy metal worship.

Thunderfist are an enjoyable listen thus far. It's a given that you can't judge a band too much by three tracks alone, so I will eagerly await hearing eight or nine more from Thunderfist in the not too distant future.
Track Listing

1. Too Hot For Love
2. Decadence
3. Mandatory Love Machine


Dirk Strong - Vocals
Leather-John - Bass, Guitar
Anthony Love - Guitar
Snake Acey - Drums

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by Robert Williams

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