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Thunder Lord
Prophecies Of Doom
July 2016
Released: 2016, Iron Shield Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Thunder Lord is a new act to me, despite this album being their third album. I’ve been sitting on this review, holding off on a review for several months, giving this album lots of attention to try to decide if I like it or not and in the end I can’t decide.

Formed in 2002 this traditional classic Metal band from Santiago, Chile has been busy with a couple of albums, an EP and even a CD/DVD live album! PROPHECIES OF DOOM is a pretty dull album title, there have been lots of releases called ‘Prophecy of this’ or ‘Prophecy of that’ including a number of releases already called Prophecy of Doom’. The album artwork is very decent a fiery dragon, nothing original but well done. The production is adequate, it is a decent sounding record.

PROPHECIES OF DOOM is a pretty simple album, in terms of composition and arrangement and very average overall. The band needs to work on song-writing a bit. The individual performances of the band are solid and the guitar work of Esteban and Diego are pretty cool with lots of fast trilling riffs and the pace of the album is fast as well. It’s pretty raw and unpolished but the guitar solos take it up a notch. The vocals of Esteban are very gruff, I don’t mind harsh vocals, but his tome and delivery take a bit to get used to. I’d suggest he has a pretty unique voice like Boltendahl, Dirkschneider or Kasperak which means that gruffness may turn some people away.

I like the speed, the energy, the solos and intensity but the songs seem to blend altogether making them mostly indistinguishable from each other, needing more dynamics. PROPHECIES OF DOOM is pretty average and I don’t want that to sound like an insult but with hundreds of true Metal albums coming out every single year, they can’t all be amazing and Thunder Lord may get lost in the pack.
Track Listing

1. End of Time
2. Leave Their Corpses to the Wolves
3. Prophecies of Doom
4. Pillan
5. The Darkness's Breath
6. Condemned to Death
7. The Blood-Red Moon
8. Useless Violence
9. Winds of War
10. Metal Thunder


Esteban Peñailillo Vocals, Guitar
Diego Muñoz Guitar
Francisco Menares Bass
Eduardo Nuñez Drums



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