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Traler Trash 2001
July 2000
Released: 2000, self released
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Anyone remember thrashers FORCED ENTRY?? Well, their last album, As Above, So Below was released in 1991. Then they reappeared around 1995 with the EP The Shore. But since then they have of course broken up, and the band members seemingly disappeared. Well guitarist/vocalist Brad Hull has been keeping himself busy lately with his new band out of Seattle called Thug. I had high hopes for this demo (more or less), but not too high. It seems that when a thrash band breaks up and the members go on to new things, nothing spectacular happens. Examples: Forbidden to ManmadeGod, the latter of which being nowhere near as great as the former…same as Death Angel spawning The Organization and now Swarm. Even the guys in Exodus tried doing something new, but apparently failed since their bands still have not seen the light of day. Maybe these guys just ran out of ideas? Well now we have Thug. And the same really holds true. Traler Trash 2001 is a heavy five-song affair, but is more groove-oriented than Forced Entry, with rapping vocals portraying some pretty demented lyrics similar to Gwar. From a musical standpoint, Thug really breaks no new ground. The drum and guitar work is simple, with simple song structures. Don’t expect any unique guitar playing like Brad’s work in Forced Entry, probably because Brad performs vocals instead of guitar in Thug. Keyboards are a part of the music frequently, and serve to back up the rest of the music to give the songs a fuller sound. Nothing special, but at least they don’t detract from the music. But what does are the vocals. Brad combines rapping and singing which matches the music very well, but his style I just can’t get into. In fact it’s the vocals, the simple songwriting approach, and to some extent the lyrics, that really makes Thug a band that has little impact on me. They just remind me of how long it’s been since I last threw on some Gwar and X-Cops (not that there’s any major similarities, just the overall non-serious attitude). Looking at the band photos, I see the guitarist wearing a shirt that says “got metal”? Did Thug ever ask themselves this question? I’ll answer it plan and simple: no. When I listen to Traler Trash 2001, I just can’t help but picturing some city freaks in baggy clothing jumping around like monkeys and waving their arms in the air to the sounds of Thug. Sorry, I’ll pass on this…
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by Nathan Robinson

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