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Hell and High Water
November 2003
Released: 2003, Small Stone Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Fucking rights! Say hello to the new kings of heavy southern rock folks, Throttlerod is here and damn me if this ain’t the best damn rock album out of the US of A this year! A mere four years together, Throttlerod have been scary fast in their evolution, wasting no time in firing out a debut album in 2000 and touring incessantly. Now, in 2003 they’ve unleashed their sophomore tour de force, Matt Whitehead and co. laying down a true monster of an album.

From the opening crush of “Marigold” to the final strums of the epic “Honest Joe”, Throttlerod will have your ears glued to your speakers, shaking the living hell out of you, forcing you to rock along with them. Honestly, the band has mastered all of the tricks of the trade, switching effortlessly between toe-tapping pounders (see the godly “Whistlin’ Dixie”), to fast boogie (“Tomorrow and a Loaded Gun”), to gentle balladeering (“Been Wrong”), and damn vintage speed rock (“Snake into Angel”), and of course the aforementioned 8+ minute epic “Honest Joe”. It’s all here, and it’s all top shelf. I swear, the album is 56:35 long but it flies by and feels much shorter.

Hard as I try, I can’t find a single bad thing to say about this album. In fact, I’m going to just stop here, ‘cause I’m over awed. Suffice it to say that Throttlerod have laid down an instant classic, an album that the Southern greats will have no trouble inducting into their hallowed pantheon. Load it up, and fire away boys, and for god’s sake, play some Canadian shows!
Track Listing

1) Marigold
2) Sucker Punch
3) Tomorrow and a Loaded Gun
4) No Damn Fool
5) Been Wrong
6) In the Flood
7) Whistlin’ Dixie
8) Snake into Angel
9) On the Mountain
10) Across Town
11) Mariana
12) Honest Joe


Matt Whitehead: Vocals, Guitar
Kevin White: Drums
Chris Sundstrom: Bass, Backing Vocals
Bo Leslie: Guitar



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