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Neither of Gods
November 2001
Released: 2001, HammerHeart Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: El Cid

First impression I got fro this CD was that someone must have mixed concepts up. The band’s logo is your typical black/death metal band logo, but the rest of the artwork is something that reminded me of Armageddon’s “Crossing the Rubicon”’s artwork. Futuristic, clear, and dark.

Well, on to the music. Thronaeon are a pretty effective mix of 2 very different types of Death Metal, at times it reminds me of Gothenburg oriented metal with its melodic solos and technical drumming, but at other times you just run into a barrage of early 90’s Florida Death Metal with slower drumming and crunchier guitars with a growling vocal approach that MIGHT remind you of early Entombed (????)

Lyrically you can expect some general suffering, some “Christians suck” and such, it’s interesting but nothing you haven’t heard before. The one major quarrel I have with this one is that the production is pretty bad, sometimes the noise is so high you can’t hear the bass guitar at all, and that’s a shame because when you can hear the bass you realize it’s extremely well executed, very technical and fast without eclipsing the guitars or the drumming.

Basically, “Neither of Gods” is very recommended if you are one of those persons that wish that European style Death Metal was a bit more aggressive or just plainly like both schools.
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