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Beautiful Darkness
August 2006
Released: 2007, Suomen Metalli Musiikki
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Tacere? So what can you tell more about this relatively young Finnish metal combo except they´ve been gaining somewhat immense reviews in some certain media lately? How much water does all this fuss hold on them after all? Well, actually quite much as we are dealing with a pretty talented bunch in here. I don´t know whether there´s even any reasonable excuse to throw them into some certain musical category as far as Tacere´s music is concerned simply because they tend to wander fearlessly in quite a few musical territories; from Symphonic Metal to Traditional Metal to Opera Metal to Progressive Metal (ála Dream Theater) to Doom Metal (ála My Dying Pride) - even not fearing to cross some boundaries both in Thrash - and Death Metal as well. In other words, Tacere´s music is a mixture of many sub-genres of metal, so let them be whatever existing metal style or category they want to be, giving them a chance to continue wandering wherever musical territory they feel to wander at certain times. Fair enough?

The band´s debut full-lenght release, titled BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, containing twelve songs in total, is this young band´s attempt to stand out from the masses by all those musical elements they have sucked in for this release. One question comes to my mind tho. Have they managed to use all these ingredients from some certain metal genres wisely and a reasonable way on their debut album then? I´d say both yes... and not quite. At best Tacere sounds like they have really understood to raise their own musical bar on that level in which it demands from every musician in the band more than just picking his/her nose when rehearsing songs together with the rest of the band members, providing zero ideas for the song writing process. Such songs as "Excursion", "I Devour" and "Bitter, Regressive" speak all for those facts, the band managing to sound very varied and somewhat innovative in these example songs - avoiding some of the most cliche-filled pitfalls as far as unoriginality and things a bit more trendy in today´s metal music are all concerned. The potentiality is definitely there, kind of waiting to be fully burst into a perfect bloom. "A Voice in the Dark" gets already my sincere full points for being that calibre of song that people most probably might want to hear more from them. Eerie, beautiful, doomy, heavy, progressive - bringing sort of a musical marriage between Dream Theater and My Dying Pride to my mind in a somewhat peculiar way. The band´s female voice Helena sounds trained and she´s got a very good voice, too. Somehow I´m glad she doesn´t sound like Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) at all, but just tries to sing with her own gifted vocal capabilities, and therefore sounding natural and overall very good.

As for some negative, but constructive criticism, it must be directed mostly towards the band´s male vocalist Karri. He probably could pay a bit more attention to his vocalism as at times he sounds like he´s trying too much, ending up sounding a bit tedious and less powerful with his vocal approach. His vocal deep grunts are ok, but the actual effort for signing doesn´t make me convinced enough. Probably this tiny flaw gets fixed on their next album then - only time will tell...

BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS is, however, a strong debut from this newcomer Tacere from Finland, and very much worth checking out.
Track Listing

01. Beyond Silence
02. Excursion
03. I Devour
04. Bitter, Regressive
05. A Voice in the Dark
06. Beautiful Darkness
07. Black Roses
08. Foes of the Sun
09. Phantasm
10. Born of the Ground
11. Deep Tears of Tragedy
12. Into Your Dreams


Karri – Vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards
Helena – Vocals
Jake – Drums
Janne – Keyboards

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