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January 2005
Released: 2004, Crash Music
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Originally a Nu-metal band called Throat Culture, the band shorted their non-de-plume to Throcult upon embracing “real” metal (i.e. Black/Death and so forth). A throat culture can be painful to endure; Throcult manages to be only slightly so.

Essentially, this aspires to be IX: Equilibrium-era Emperor with elements of Dark Funeral and such; unfortunately, they’ve neglected to note that both Emperor and Dark Funeral write actual songs. Throcult, on the other hand, have constructed a great many Blackened Death Metal compositions, but these riffs seem purely random. Most tracks begin well enough, before devolving—through one unnecessary riff after another—into an incoherent mess.

None of this, of course, is to say that there is no value here—there is, in fact, a great deal of quality musicianship, interesting concepts, and absolute brutality like few bands of this sort. Some would say this is down right ferocious. But there is simply little if any compositional skill. It is as if the band is constantly building up to an immense explosion, but that blast-beat big bang never comes to head. It certainly may throttle, but it surely does not rock. The potential is there.

Highlights, if any, include “On Demon Wings,” which reminded this reviewer of Indiana’s (now-defunct) Fog. The epic track “Through Fog Of War” refects the band’s Death Metal leanings, before baffling the listener with an out-of-place female vocal interlude. “Order Of The Lunar Temple” is impressive by sheer musical show of force, but the ridiculous accompanying video makes it impossible to ever take the track seriously again.

Ultimately, this band is at their best when not emulating their myriad heroes, and perhaps it will find its place, should it wisely choose to simplify its sound.
Track Listing

1.Vortex of Fire - Ashes of Winter
2.Blood of Thy Enemy
3.Order of the Lunar Temple
4.On Demon Wings
5.Through Fog a War
6.Stormbringer - Conjuration of the Nighthorde
7.Unholy Perversions
8.Star of Sirius
9.Dying Light From Above


Ivan Alcala - Vocals and Guitars
Nick Jackson - Guitars
Dave Borush - Bass
Dave Csicsely - Drums

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