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May 2001
Released: 2001, InsideOut Music America
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

It’s a new month and I am back doing reviews. Last month I was so busy that I don’t think that I got a chance to do one at all. Well the first CD that I am tackling is the latest from UK progressive metallers Threshold. I am rather new to Threshold but eagerly attempted this CD review because RogueM of ShadowKeep is a great fan of the band and Threshold guitarist Karl Groom produced their last CD. The band began in 1988 and honed their craft for 4 years before being signed to a record deal in 1992. HYPOTHETICAL is the bands 7th release the other 6 being CLONE (1998), EXTINCT INSTINCT (1997), LIVEDELICA (1995), PSYCHADELICATESSAN (1994), WOUNDED LAND (1993) and DECADENT which was released to the fan club only and consisted of remixes, remasters and bonus tracks. The lineup for this CD is Mac: vocals, Karl Groom: guitars, Nick Midson: guitar, Jon Jeary: bass Richard West: keyboards and Johanne James: drums.

"Light and Space" kicks of the CD with a great mid paced cruncher that switched effortlessly from crunching guitars to acoustic interludes. I enjoyed this track so much that I included it when I recorded my parts for THE METAL RULES RADIO SHOW which airs weekly on Snakenet Metal Radio ( ). The lyrics to "Turn On, Tune in" caught my attention cause they incorporated the catch phrase of 60s L.S.D. guru Timothy Leary who wanted everyone to "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.". Threshold uses the same catch phrase in the context of television and how it has replaced the imagination and to some extent the minds of people. Some very thought provoking lyrics. "Keep My Head" has a very cool 70s vibe and is one of the tracks that I kept going back to everytime I played this disc.

The first thing that I have to point out is the production of Karl Groom and Richard West. It is crisp and powerful and, to these ears, helps bring out the atmosphere of this CD. The guitars and keyboards go hand in hand with neither drowning out the other. This is Mac’s second CD with the band but he sounds as if he has been with them from the beginning as he fits perfectly with their sound. If you are into progressive metal then check out Threshold.
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