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Three-Headed Monster
The Beast of Odo Island
June 2008
Released: 2007, Melissa Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Massachusetts-based Three Headed Monster (3HM) is a crazy outfit, no doubt. Formed by four childhood friends in 2001, the group is a rare proposition in the metal world: a fully instrumental heavy metal band. Sure, instrumental songs are common and guitar heroes release solo albums regularly, but a full-on instrumental band? They’re few and far between. Still, 3HM have taken up the mantle and it must be said that they bear the burden well.

The band has concocted a full-on melodic metal assault that to me, sounds like a power metal band playing video game music – kinda like Powerglove. The difference of course being that Powerglove actually plays video game music while 3HM have composed their own music, influenced by wrestling (“Perfect Plex” – hail!) and movies (“The Beast of Odo Island”). To most listeners this may sounds like a cure for insomnia, but trust me, 3HM have enough hooks and talent up their sleeves to make THE BEAST OF ODO ISLAND a worthy listen.

As you’d expect, the guitars take centre stage throughout the album, and the playing is exemplary. The two Chris’ are clearly talented, both of them able to solo like madmen and hang back and let the riff take control. Speaking of riffs, the album starts particularly strong with all of “Varan”, “Perfect Plex”, and “The Beast of Odo Island” being both heavy and catchy. From there the album begins to tail off a bit, as the band isn’t able to keep the hooks coming throughout. – the lengthier songs suffer immensely from this.

All in all, this is a very solid first effort for 3HM. Instrumental music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these guys know what they’re doing. A little more experience and we may have a true winner on our hands here. In the meantime, the more adventurous listeners should definitely check them out.
Track Listing

1) Varan
2) Perfect Plex
3) The Beast of Odo Island
4) Ultimate Rage
5) Bloodbath II
6) Ides of March
7) Bitter End
8) Engines of AKI


Chris Cecchini: Guitar
Paul Muise: Bass
AK45: Drums
Chris Kessaris: Guitar

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