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Injecting Hate
October 2009
Released: 2009, Unsigned
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Another indie thrash band, Thraw call Slovenia home and INJECTING HATE is their self financed demo. Eastern Europe keeps producing some old school Thrash Metallers and here again are some Bay Area-influenced young blokes. A blend between Slayer and Testament, Thraw feature a conglomerate of throwback styles and sound.

The vocals are eerily similar to none other than Tom Araya and the riffing reminds one of Eric Peterson, fast and chunky. However, the guitar solos are second rate Slayer, the way Slayer used to sound crazy and misplaced, yet somehow it worked... here it doesn't, sounding kind of high school-ish. A special note must be made about the bass playing, taking an active role in shaping the songs, there are some tasty bass lines and nice interplay.

Though there's hardly an original riff or melody, the retro feel has a plus side with raw energy and garage band appeal. Still, at points it's so immature, undisciplined, and imitative, it's hard to take serious. It would be remiss however not to offer a few props because Thraw certainly are on the path to a semblance of antecedent music and a clean sound.
Track Listing

1. Injecting Hate
2. Angeleater
3. Induced Adrenaline
4. Alcocirque


Aleksander Smode - Vocals
Domen Hudrap - Guitar
Ozbej Paternus - Guitar
Rok Vrckovnik - Bass
Bojan Beber-Vovk - Drums

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