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Those Who Bring The Torture
April 2009
Released: 2007, No Colours Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Let the butchery begin… Now enter three bloodthirsty and mad Swedish butchers Crawl, Worm and Maggot who are, and have been involved with several other Swedish troops of death and decay – from Paganizer to Ribspreader to Sanctification, and so.

Those Who Bring The Torture is an incarnation of all things gore, guts and blood, in which these 3 Swedish gentlemen have got a chance to carry out their deepest inner perversions. It´s a pretty killer mixture of bands like later era Napalm Death, Carcass (ha, listen to a song called “Defiling the Carcass”, and tell me more about these legendary goremeisters then), blast-beat infested Rotten Sound - vitriolic, pleasingly chunky and über-heavy riffs of bands like Deranged and Grave. It´s all about everything what makes a somewhat perfect match when making a successful joint venture between grindcore and death metal, and our torture and gore loving Swedes have done quite an enjoyable job at their own torture chamber regarding that musical vision they have managed to pull through on their self-titled 2nd album.

There´s 17 songs all in all on this record, most of them being only 1-2 minute spurts, and only 3 out of 17 songs all in all, going over that 3-minute mark. These shorter 1-2 minutes grinding death metal outbursts are actually lotsa fun to listen to, simply pounding the 7-inch rusty nails deep into its listeners´ skulls ruthlessly, turning an instant pain to a plain pleasure. As a short summa-summarum, Crawl, Worm and Maggot don´t have any further, updated news to tell through their all-mangling, death metal-inspired grindcore, but you can always take this stuff like a good and classic vintage movie: Go back to it over and over again – and just never getting bored by it. The very same rule goes for Those Who Bring The Torture´s 2nd album as well; You can always go back to it, and never get bored by it. Never.
Track Listing

01. An Affair of Entrails
02. Murdered Thrice
03. Filth Bag
04. Drudgery at the Graveyard
05. Chains and Saws and Chainsaws
06. Death Came as a Friend to Them
07. Professionally Curing the Disease
08. Defiling the Carcass
09. Skeletal Cage
10. Prone to Penetrate Pus
11. Distaste for Ordinary Scum
12. Never too Cold for Carnage
13. Drilled with a Jackhammer
14. Banquet of the Grotesque
15. Shriek (Like the Pig You Are)
16. Sickened Skin Infestation
17. Inducing Abomination - Reciding in Dirt


Crawl - Vocals and guitar
Worm - Lead guitar
Maggot - Battery

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