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September 2010
Released: 2010, Folter Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Thorngoth hail from Bavaria and bash out their brand of blast beat heavy, sorrowful and melodic black metal. Formed in 2003, Thorngoth deliver their third full length album with the conceptual piece LEERE.

Each song title on LEERE is assigned a Roman numeral (such as Leere I, Leere II, Leere III and so on). What you get musically is razor sharp treble soaked, tremolo picked guitars and blasting double kick heavy pounding drums with a thunderous bottom end. Vocally I would make comparisons to Emperor Magus Caligula formerly of Dark Funeral as Thorngoth vocalist Akhorahil's raspy highs and guttural lows at times recall his vocal delivery.

"Leere III" has some impressive changes in tempo and texture. Doomy one minute, blasting the next onward into a galloping epic metal feel. "In der Leere" is an atmospheric intro track that leads into the subtle bass line of "Leere V" before decapitating the listener with the blood curdling scream of Akhorahil. "Leere V" moves at a slow and sluggishly heavy pace, plodding along with its death march. "Leere VII" on the other hand hyper blasts to oblivion being one of the fastest black metal assaults on LEERE.

The production quality on this disc is solid for this kind of music. The bleak and deeply shaded cover art leaves something better suited to the music to be desired. This is a pretty good record, there is nothing overly unique or groundbreaking on display here, but Thorngoth deliver second wave Scandinavian inspired black metal convincingly enough.
Track Listing

1. Leere I
2. Leere II
3. Leere III
4. Leere IV
5. In der Leere
6. Leere V
7. Leere VI
8. Leere VII
9. Leere VIII


Akhorahil - Vocals, Synth
Sorath - Guitar
Vulgrim - Guitar
Corpse - Bass
Grond - Drums

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