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August 2009
Released: 2003, Ibex Moon Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Chilean Death Metal'ers Thornafire's follow-up to their acclaimed freshman release EXACERBATED GNOSTIC MANIFESTATION once again catches the passion of South American Death Metal, highly influenced by early Sepultura, Krisiun, and Pentagram (Chile). With lyrics squarely concentrated on issues that affect Latin America, Thornafire approach South American loss of identity and the destruction of old spiritualism with a demonic veracity unlike no other.

Vocally, bassist Alexis Munoz, pierces through the speakers like a lion unleashed, salivating for human meat. His maddening rants and caustic attacks on religion and political systems sound like a demon preparing to reclaim his lost past. Riffs abound on this disc. Victor Mac-Namara's guitar work is simply riffage central, powerful and melodic all at once.

The album also features significant monologue parts performed by actress Maria Araya, effectuating the role of the Chilean nun Úrsula Suárez (1666 - 1749). "The church confessors forced her to write their visions, but as penance. She has lots of phobias and deranged thoughts. She thinks that marriage is a sentence of death for women and that sex in marriage would be [equivalent to] funeral rites."

As a whole, the album reverberates classic with South of the equator brilliance. Right up there with the best from Metal's most under looked continent. Continued discs like this one will get Thornafire more notoriety, helping them move up the ranks and expand their fan base. They belong among the best in the genre.
Track Listing

1. Hacia La Ruina Del Agartha
2. Sucubación
3. Deconstrucción
4. Otredad
5. Confesión
6. En El Eon De Las Falacias
7. Por El Delirio
8. Conflagracóin Del Monoteismo
9. De La Destrucción Al Trono


Juan Pablo Donoso : Drums Sadism, ex-Steelrage
Alexis Muñoz : Vocals, Bass
Víctor Mac-Namara : Guitar

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