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The Rock Opera (DVD)
June 2015
Released: 2011, Vulcan Sky
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I picked up this neat little rarity at a recent Thor show when he was in town. It is neat old-form video. By that I mean in the 70’s and a little bit into the 80’s, before the creation of MTV, some bands would shoot videos, sometime referred as long-form videos. These were essentially a combination of live footage/documentary or story into one short-film. This practice essentially died with MTV as video clips became just showcases for single songs.

THOR-THE ROCK OPERA is a bit of a throwback to those elder times. Vulcan Sky put this DVD out back in 2011 and it is a combo of a story and live Thor footage. The DVD does not have to much in terms of presentation no booklet and the production is bare-bones and a relatively short run time of There are a couple of bonus features, a longer version (the ‘Rockin Cut’ which just has more live footage) that runs 43 minutes and a streamlined, Directors Cut version at 25 minutes. There are some out-takes as well.

The movie starts with epic narration and it tells a tale of Thor fighting frost giants, aliens, and traveling through time and space all inter-spliced with various Thor videos. Some of the costumes and fight scenes leave a bit to be desired but the energy and enthusiasm was there. The plot was a bit confusing but the narration really helped. The climactic fight scene between Thor and the Frost Giant was anti-climactic with Thor (naturally) getting a quick kill before a real fight could ensue. The whole soundtrack was of course delightful hitting all the classic Thor songs.

I consider my self a huge Thor fan, but even this one suffered a little bit from budgetary restrictions. It was a noble attempt but it needed more budget and maybe some more experienced actors but it was fun nonetheless. I’d recommend this for Thor fans of course and perhaps fan of independent, underground cult-cinema type stuff and for only the strong.

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