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Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth
November 2013
Released: 2004, Antimatter
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

“Thor, The Mighty! Thor, The Brave! Crush the infidels in your way.” (Manowar, 1984)

Before Iron Maiden. Before Metallica. Before Slayer. Even before Manowar… there was THOR! In 1973, a young musician records his first demo/single in Vancouver, Canada what was to become the germination of ‘Body Rock’, and the eventual evolution into one of Metal mightiest warriors and most prolific and enduring acts...THE MIGHTY THOR! In celebration of his 40th anniversary and in tribute to Canada’s longest running Metal band, I am very proud to present short reviews of 13 releases from across his career. Feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature including…

-Keep The Dogs Away (1977)

-Unchained (1983)

-Only The Strong (1985)

-Live In Detroit (1985)

-Anthorology (1997)

-Thunderstruck (1998)

-Dogz II (2001)

-Mutant (2003)

-Beastwomen From The Center of The Earth (2004)

-Thor Against The World (2005)

-Rock And Roll Nightmare (2006)

-Into The Noise (2008)

-Thunderstryke (2012)

Looking back I’m very surprised it took Thor as long as he did to do a Rock Opera. It is a natural fit for an artist of his temperant and style, and 30 years into his career he delivers his sixth album, BEASTWOMEN FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

Dubbed Thor and Mick Hoffman, this album is a real throw-back to the classic 70’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi realms and it is very well-done. The artwork recalls Frank Frazetta and the storyline could have been out of a 50’s movie serial. The ‘Rock Odyssey was based on a comic book and the album has narration, storyline and lyircs as well.

Thor is by this time a fully-fledged solo artist with a wide range of guest artists and musicians, perhaps most noticeable, Mike Kishnick of Empyria fame bring a need element of heaviness to the proceedings. Thor dusts off the old track ‘Sleeping Giant’ and works it into the story. The 52 minute album has 12 cuts most of them in the 4 minute range. There are some true Rockers amongst the tracks such as ‘Cry Of The Valkyrie and ‘Hail Thor!’ The album closes strong with a bonus track called ‘Symphony Of Steel’, one of the better tracks on the album!

Thor first crack at a Rock Opera was a qualified success. The story was fine, the performances were good but there was not quite enough fire and brimstone. The whole tone was firmly rooted in the 70’s and quite a departure from the heaviness and anthemic Metal of TRIUMPHANT.
Track Listing

1. Break the Ice
2. Beastwomen
3. The Sleeping Giant
4. Darghila
5. Sirens Calling
6. The Sky Land
7. We Are the Panthers
8. Hail Thor
9. Mushroom World
10. Palace of Gold
11. Cry of the Valkyrie
12. Underground
13. Symphony of Steel (Bonus Track)


Thor Vocals
Mick Hoffman Vocals
Mike Kischnick Guitars
Mike O. Guitars
Ani Kyd Guitars, Vocals
Fang Bass
GunThar Drums

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