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November 2013
Released: 1997, Star USA
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

“Thor, The Mighty! Thor, The Brave! Crush the infidels in your way.” (Manowar, 1984)

Before Iron Maiden. Before Metallica. Before Slayer. Even before Manowar… there was THOR! In 1973, a young musician records his first demo/single in Vancouver, Canada what was to become the germination of ‘Body Rock’, and the eventual evolution into one of Metal mightiest warriors and most prolific and enduring acts...THE MIGHTY THOR! In celebration of his 40th anniversary and in tribute to Canada’s longest running Metal band, I am very proud to present short reviews of 13 releases from across his career. Feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature including…

-Keep The Dogs Away (1977)

-Unchained (1983)

-Only The Strong (1985)

-Live In Detroit (1985)

-Anthorology (1997)

-Thunderstruck (1998)

-Dogz II (2001)

-Mutant (2003)

-Beastwomen From The Center of The Earth (2004)

-Thor Against The World (2005)

-Rock And Roll Nightmare (2006)

-Into The Noise (2008)

-Thunderstryke (2012)

ANTHORLOGY-RIDE OF THE CHARIOTS is the first anthology of Thor material in his career. What a good title, someone was really on the ball when they choose the name and I’m not being sarcastic, I truly do think it is a clever and funny title. It’s works perfectly and this collection serves as a nice overview of the first decade of Thor. It also served as a bit of a comeback after a decade of silence from Camp Thor.

Unfortunately the packaging and presentation of this 1997 collection of rarities and demos is very poorly executed. The CD insert is a single page with no information whatsoever. None. There are five pictures, two of them are so blurry you can’t even tell what they are no liner notes. This is a major shortfall and Star USA did a lousy job. How is anyone supposed to have any frame of reference as to where or when these so-called ‘rare’ tracks originated? I’m a fairly committed Thor fan but even I would find it laboriously go on-line and track down the source of these songs. This info should have been added in the liner notes. According to the Thor website I’ve got the 2004 reissue with slightly different artwork, but you could never tell.

The 13-track compilation runs a short 45 minutes and does have quite a lot of rarities. There is an early version of ‘Thunderhawk’ and a version of ‘Midnite Man’ sung by Cherry Bomb and a pair of live tracks from the 80’s and various demo tracks from ONLY THE STRONG. I hesitate giving this a high rating because you would have to be a truly dedicated Thor fan to appreciate these songs without knowing what they are, however it is far superior to a simple ‘Greatest Hits’ of ‘Best Of’. I think our rating of 3/5 applies; “Not overly amazing but recommended for serious fans.”
Track Listing

1. Ride of the Chariots
2. Knights of Tomorrow
3. New York Night
4. Thunderhawk
5. Galaxina
6. Dogz
7. Midnite Man
8. Knock Them Down
9. Phantoms
10. Start Raising Hell
11. Gladiator
12. Megaton
13. The Door


Thor- vocals

Various others

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