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An-Thor-ology (DVD)
May 2015
Released: 2005, Smog Veil
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

On April 18th , 2015 I will be attending (or attended by the time you read this) the Canadian/International Premier of the Thor documentary I AM THOR. In anticipation of this event screened at the Calgary Underground Film Festival, I got out an old Thor DVD to enjoy again.

AN-THOR-OLOGY 1976-1985 was Thor’s third (and as of time of writing) third home video release. Released in 2005 by Smogveil this collection has Interviews, videos and live footage from the archives. The DVD has one page insert and the production quality is pretty good depending on the source material. The menu is easy to navigate and includes a few bonus features as well. You can also watch it with the director/star commentary (aka Voice of The Gods) which is cool. There is not a huge amount of narration to begin with so it might have been a good idea to integrate narration into the actual body of the film. I recommend watching it with the directors commentary with Frank Meyer and Thor himself.

The main feature is a series of 21 clips running from 1976 to 1985 and follows the early years of THOR. There are live clips, TV appearances, videos, interviews and more. Thor did a bit of acting and there are a couple of funny commercials for an autobody repair shop and Chevrolet starring the muscled madman. Thor appeared on any number of TV shows including Uncle Floyd and the infamous appearance on the Merv Griffin show in 1976 where he does his rendition of the old Sweet tune, ‘Action’. In reality, the song was only one year old at that point in time! The whole thing culminates in likely what is his most famous video, ‘Knock ‘Em Down’ from the seminal ONLY THE STRONG album of 1985. All these clips demonstrate how cutting edge Thor was back in the day as an early innovator of theatrical Metal.

AN-THOR-OLOGY is a great look back at the early days of one of Canada’s longest running, most successful Metal acts and a great companion to his documentary I AM THOR.
Track Listing

1. Opening
2. News Clip 1979
3. Action (Merv Griffin Show 1976)
4. Sleeping Giant (Video 1977)
5. Keep the Dogs Away (Video 1977)
6. Catch a Tiger (Video 1977)
7. Keep the Dogs Away (Live 1979)
8. Rosie (Live 1979)
9. Thor-u-mentary
10. Rag-Na-Rock (Live 1981)
11. Special Flight (Live 1981)
12. Phantom of My Nightmare (Live 1981)
13. Uncle Floyd Show 1982
14. Gladiator Stomp (Live 1982)
15. Channel 72 TV Appearance 1983
16. Thunder on the Tundra (Channel 72 1983
17. Anger (Channel 72 1983)
18. Only the Strong / When Gods Collide (Live 1984/85)
19. Chevy TV Commercial 1985
20. Kromer TV Commercial 1985
21. U68 Power Hour Promos 1985
22. Knock 'em Down (Video 1985) / Credits

Bonus footage

23. Lightning Strikes (Aborted Video 1983)
24. Anger (Aborted Video 1983)
25. I See Things (Video 2002)
26. Glimmer (Video 2005)
27. Slide Show


Various others



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