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Thirteenth Sign
Oracles of Armageddon
November 2009
Released: 2008, Battlegod Productions
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So, we have one of the finest exponents for the UK melo death/thrash metal scene here, named Thirteenth Sign (formerly Skeletal Embrace), who have released their debut album, ORACLES OF ARMAGEDDON, last year on the Australian label Battlegod Productions? Let´s see…

This Nottingham-based metal act has actually self-released a 3-song EP in 2006 already, by the same title – and 2 years later, they finally got their debut full-length released and out. This 9-song offering from them, unfortunately, leaves some mixed feeling hanging above my head. There are some good things, but also some less good things on ORACLES that the band has accomplished for the songs on their debut. What is good here, it´s no denying the guys can truly master their own instruments, play together pretty well to achieve that one important goal, which is making decently sounding songs. Yes, the songs on ORACLES sound somewhat decent, but somehow they are kinda breathless – and without any soul, whatsoever – and none of them really stand out for their own good, which is a true pity.

To be honest, Thirteenth Sign plays the kind of melo death/thrash metal that has been heard for many years already, done way better and much more convincing way altogether. The band´s vocalist Dean sounds like a crossbreed of Angela Gossow and Dani Filth with his screeching and dry throat voice, which I don´t consider that appealing either. In fact, they sound kinda boring, and basically do not do anything for me expect give me a few more grey strands of hair, which I hate.

I don´t know what the future will bring to this band, but something needs to happen before I´ll turn to my ear to their direction again. But back to my original question again whether we have one of the finest UK´s exponents for melo death/thrash metal scene here? Well, just draw your own conclusions out of these lines above to find it out yourself…
Track Listing

01. Talons in Deism
02. In the Wake of Mourning
03. Weaving Horns for a Spine
04. Oracles of the End
05. Silhouette of Her Wings
06. Lost to the Underworld
07. As Like a Nightingale on Fire
08. Within It's Hooks and Scales
09. Crown of Pallid Shadows


Dean Neal - Vocals
Chris Hubbard - Guitar
Andy Berycz - Guitar
Nathaniel Cook - Bass
Lloyd Stringer - Drums

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