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Thin Lizzy
One Night Only (Live)
November 2000
Released: 2000, BMG/CMC International
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Pete

Thin Lizzy, ah, one of my all time favorites. The Masters of dual-guitar harmony. I've always said that along with the whole two-guitar harmony thing, Lizzy have always had the songs: Phil Lynott was definitely one of the greatest lyricists that lived and is sadly missed. The band have always featured stellar guitarists: Brian Robertson, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, John Sykes, etc. With the latter two on this outing (w/Sykes handling vocals, and doing a fine job indeed), Thin Lizzy offer 13 classics on this one. From opener "Jailbreak" thru to closer the guitar showpiece "Black Rose" we are treated to many a gem of the Lizzy catalogue: the double bass driven "Bad Reputation", riff laden "Cold Sweat", the classic "The Boys Are Back in Town", oh, I could go on and on. Recorded live in Europe 1999, this apparently will be the line-up that will be touring this year. With this being an album of past material featuring only one original member, the question is are Lizzy cashing in on past glories?????? Nah, I like to think of it as chance for new fans to discover the legacy of a great band. This one smokes!!!!! By the way, recommended listening: Bad Reputation, Thunder And Lightning, Live And Dangerous.

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Thin Lizzy
One Night Only (Live)
January 2002
Released: 2000, SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

During 1999 the ex-Lizzy-members Scott Gorham (guitar and b.vox); John Sykes (guitar and lead vox); Darren Wharton (keyboard and b.vox) together with the new members Marco Mendoza (bass and b.vox) and Tommy Aldridge ( drums), decided to tour. The tour that followed became a successful tour through Europe. Old 70’s hard rock was in again. Everybody wanted to see Thin Lizzy even if the leader and founder Phil Lynnot have been dead for many years. The live CD ”One night only” which was recorded during the tour in Europe in 1999 was released in 2000. The band went out on tour again to support this record also during 2000. One night only is magic especially for those who didn’t have a chance to see them play live. The production is brilliant. At the same time the band seems to have a very good time on stage. The material is from the later part of the Lizzy period when Scott, John and Darren were members of the originally Thin Lizzy. Magical versions of songs like Don’t believe a word; Suicide; Black Rose and my personal favorite Cowboy song.

Something that impresses me is Scott´s guitar playing; he is a real guitar hero. John sings in his own way and doesn’t try to imitate Phil L and I find that good; his guitar playing is good but I think Scott is better on the guitar. Some things are done as they were done in the good old days; for exempla The Boys Are Back In Town and in that one they play Cowboy Song. Even the old studio veteran Tommy A is marvelous on drums; a real drum hero. Marco M is not very prominent. He has a rather backstage place in the band. Even Darren has a rather backstage place in the band, you hardly hear him except in the intro to The Sun Goes Down. It is the radar couple Scott and John who dominate the whole stage.

Nowhere on the record it is said where it is recorded. That is a minus. John says several times that it is nice to bee in Germany so probably several songs are recorded there. I saw them play both in 1999 and 2000. Same songs were played booth times, a bit boring when we know that Thin Lizzy´s catalogue of songs are very big; I am not a very big fan but I regret that they don’t play more songs except the classics. Both the consorts were magical. The tour started in Scandinavia and went on to the rest of Europe in the end of last year. After a stop over Christmas and New Year the tour is going on in the USA.

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