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April 2015
Released: 2015, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Fuck yeah! This is the shit! Holy smokes! Brutality for the fucking masses. Theories is a grindcore band plus plus that mixes different elements together and does so in a way that isn’t immediately decipherable. When Theories push the tempos into overdrive, they make such beautiful music, you’d be pretty jaded for the grind scene if you didn’t bash your head to this.

Grindore hasn’t seen a whole lot of exemplary releases lately, and I was fooled by the album cover on this one, thinking that it was likely a dud. Never judge an album by its cover, most metal fans know. Often, cover art doesn’t tell the story. It’s a nice addition to a stellar record, but its not the prerequisite at all.

The fairly modern production is aces on Regression, Theories’ debut full-length. The drums don’t do acrobatics but the blasts are always on target. The guitars veer from wankery even though the riffs are going a million miles per hour.

There’s a fair share of punk riffs too. As grindcore goes, the punk influence is essential, and it is true with Theories’ Regression as well. They give grindcore some much-needed cardio-pulmonary rescusitation.

The hardcore riffs also rock hard. The drums are audible enough for you to hear the toms take a beating every-so-often, and the vocalist shrieks like someone’s cutting his nuts off. The vocalist also growls like a pro. He growls like someone had just strapped a belt around his Adam’s Apple .

As grindcore goes, this release is no hiccup. The transitions make way for stop and go, but the riffs vary per song. They don’t just play a main riff to monotonous repetition.

No highlight track here. Listen to every track like it’s the last one. The short runtime allows for just enough quality to make you thirst for more blood. No noise fillers here. Just good grind through and through. With riffs like monoliths avalanching into a village, Theories’ Regression is a must-listen.

Review by Al Necro
Track Listing

01. Burnt Concrete
02. Cycle of Decay
03. Shame
04. Abortive Crescent
05. Bathing in Pigs Blood
06. First World’s Last Breath
07. Swimming in Mud
08. Revenge/Rewild
09. Hell in Her Eyes
10. Landfill


Rick: Vocals
Joe: Drums
Kush: Bass
Lee: Guitar

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