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The Wrath Project
The Cure is the Disease
January 2013
Released: 2012, Level 13 Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Sometimes you just feel like punching a wall. It’s not always your best decision of the day, but given the right inspiration, you can somehow justify that the wall had it coming. THE CURE IS THE DISEASE is just the kind of inspiration that’ll have you patching drywall in the morning, but f@#! all if the wall didn’t have it coming. The debut release from international thrash conglomerate The Wrath Project, THE CURE IS THE DISEASE, is a no frills thrash fest that oozes musical pissed-off-titudeness with little fanfare but acres of circle pit inducing heaviness. Said otherwise, it’s a good time.

Musically, the album reminded me a lot of the last few Exodus records. It’s got that same type of tight, dense production value that’s just saturated with non-stop double bass and chunky riffage, peppered with some dazzlying bright lead guitar work. Vocally it reminded me of Max Cavalera circa-CHAOS A.D., but better enunciated. Together, it’s like spilling death metal peanut butter on your traditional metal chocolate, and it tastes f@#king delicious.

And did I mention that it’s heavy? As constant as the beating is across the album’s 11 tracks, THE CURE IS THE DISEASE manages to stay clear of monotony through some impressive riff arrangements. “Damnation Trinity” appears to be The Wrath Project’s signature tune, bordering on death metal-lite with its rapid tempo and rhythms, but quickly shifting into a Testament track for the last minute of its duration. And from there the band refuses to release its grip on your jugular. “The Verdict” enters the theater without missing a beat and shreds its way into the more mid-ranged “In This Age of Darkness”. And it’s that degree of variety across the tracklist that keeps THE CURE IS THE DISEASE interesting. It never stops being unrelentingly heavy, but it does so by toying with the tempo, mood, and arrangement of each track.

My personal fav of the album was the closing “Balance”, an instrumental track that puts the music front and center. Lead guitarist Frank Andreas is really a force to be reckoned with and this tune seems to be written with that exactly in mind. There are some great twists and turns across the track, but his lead work marries guitar hero shred with more tasteful neoclassical runs atop a backdrop of crunchy headbanging rhythms. Which leads me to my one real bitch about the album; I would’ve loved some added diversity in the vocal performance to accentuate the diversity in the music itself. Elmar Keineke has a hearty, grunty rasp, but at times it can sound a bit one dimensional given everything that the band is doing behind him.

THE CURE IS THE DISEASE was mixed at drummer Yanic Bercier’s studio in Knoxville and mastered at the legendary Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FL by none other than Mr. Tom Morris himself, so yes, the album sounds fantastic. The production sheen is top notch, only adding additional credibility to an already impressive product. Given the geography of the individual band members, I don’t know that the songs were actually recorded with everyone in the same room (or continent for that matter), but the whole thing sounds ridiculously tight and executed with precision. So yeah, it’s a great listen and I’d recommend The Wrath Project to anyone in need of a thrash metal fix. Check out the band’s website for full track samples, stream it on Spotify, or purchase it directly via iTunes, Amazon, or
Track Listing

1. Damnation Trinity
2. The Verdict
3. In This Age Of Darkness
4. Traces Of Evil Will Always Remain
5. Fire And Iron And The Stench Of Fear
6. The Curse
7. Never Shall Rest
8. The Barren Fields
9. Blood Devil
10. With Scorn I Seek Revenge
11. Balance


Elmar Keineke – Vocals
Mark Wolzenburg – Guitar
Frank Andreas – Lead Guitar
Chris Gospodarek – Bass
Yanic Bercier – Drums

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