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Tardy Brothers
April 2009
Released: 2009, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Hanntu

To be very honest with you, this just sounds like Obituary-lite, hardly shocking since it’s comprised of John and Donald Tardy, and surprise surprise, Ralph Santolla. I have to ask why they even bothered to do a side-project since BLOODLINE wouldn’t sound out of place on the Obituary back catalogue. Fair enough, it doesn’t sound much like SLOWLY WE ROT-era Obituary, but it sounds close enough to XECUTIONER’S RETURN to mark a slight progression of sorts.

First, the differences to Obituary. It actually does remind me of the death ‘n’ roll of early Entombed, cliched though it may be to cite WOLVERINE BLUES, but it has the same bouncy vibe, if more slowed down. In fact, BLOODLINE sounds very much like mid-tempo thrash, if you can imagine the swagger of Pantera mixed in with some slowed-down IMMORTALIS-era Overkill. It sounds a weird mixture I grant you, but it actually does work!

Also, the soloing duties are shared out between four guest lead guitarists (although I can’t tell which solo belongs to who): Scott Johnson, Ralph Santolla, original Executioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell, and the young whizkid John Li (who also played on Steve Asheim’s Order of Ennead). Ralph Santolla gets a lot of flak for being such a band whore, and I’ve never heard of either Scott Johnson or Jerry Tidwell, but the leads on BLOODLINE are pretty fresh and interesting. Just my imagination?

Unfortunately, John sounds exactly the same as he does in Obituary, while Don Tardy never really over-extends himself, and therein lies the problem with their side project. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is Obituary B-material, in fact, it could very well be Obituary A-material! But BLOODLINE doesn’t differentiate itself enough for me to forget the Obituary connection. This was probably the chance for Don and John to explore their rockier side, and this is probably what they attempted to do, but not enough for my money. The only song that actually sounds like their own is unsurprisingly the instrumental ‘Wired’, with some great leadwork.

Get this album if you’re a fan of Obituary, which I definitely am, especially later-era Obituary where they slowed down the death riffs and adopted a thrashier approach. However, don’t get this album if you’re expecting to see a different side of the Tardy Brothers, because I think you’ll be disappointed.
Track Listing

1. Bring You Down
2. Bloodline
3. I'm Alive
4. Deep Down
5. Wired
6. Fate's Call
7. Eternal Lies
8. Scream Descendent
9. Fade Away


John Tardy - vocals
Don Tardy - drums
Scott Johnson - lead guitars
Ralph Santolla - lead guitars
Jerry Tidwell - lead guitars
John Li - lead guitars

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Tardy Brothers
June 2009
Released: 2009, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

Obituary founders John and Donald Tardy are back with their first release under the moniker Tardy Brothers. With friends Ralph Santolla (Obituary / Death / Deicide) and original Xecutioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell providing the guitar work, along with solos by John Lee and long time friend Scott Johnson, BLOODLINE is a powerful disc that falls inline with the impressive Obituary catalog. Not to worry Obituary fans…this is not the end of the band but instead, this is a musical release for the brothers; a chance to work with new musicians while not being confined to the Obituary sound (though it still does, obviously, sound like Obituary).

BLOODLINE is impressive on a few different levels. The musicianship of the band can not be questioned, and the material is catchy, while remaining brutal. The music itself is very mid-tempo, which does allow for some big, almost southern-style grooves.

“Bring You Down” sets the tone for the disc – mid-tempo chugging riffs with John’s menacing growl. “Bloodline” continues the pace, then the album slows a little with “I’m Alive”. “Deep Down” picks up the speed again nicely, however the album stalls with “Wired”, an instrumental that is filler and simply does not belong here. But “Fate’s Call” sees the disc regain it’s momentum until the end.

BLOODLINE is a good disc, but I doubt that it will make anyone forget about Obituary. The Tardy Brothers (and friends) are talented, well respected musicians, and BLOODLINE is simply another outlet for their art.
Track Listing

1. “Bring You Down”
2. “Bloodline”
3. “I’m Alive”
4. “Deep Down”
5. “Wired”
6. “Fate’s Call”
7. “Eternal Lies”
8. “Scream Descendent”
9. “Fade Away”


John Tardy – vocals
Donald Tardy – drums / bass
Ralph Santolla – guitar
Jerry Tidwell – guitar
John Lee – guitar
Scott Johnson - guitar

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