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The Wake
January 2006
Released: 2005, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish melo-deathsters have unleashed their 2nd full-length album for the hungry metal markets, aptly titled DEATH-O-HOLIC . I mean, melodic Göteborg´ish Death Metal in which lots of catchy melody parts tend to play an important role within a music, creating relatively memorable and nice harmonies and nuances. You know this little ´word monster´ called NWOSMDM´ - and what it is all about, don´t you? Granted, many of you easily get pimples these days when three mind-provoking words ´Göteborg Death Metal´ are mentioned somewhere. So do I. But for wholly different reasons as you may think. One cannot change the fact I really dig these fellows´ new album quite a lot unlike their debut album (ODE TO MY MISERY, released on Spikefarm in 2003) which left me kind of ´cold´ for some odd reason (?).

It´s sort of hard for me to pinpoint what has changed in them so drastically, but I just found DEATH-O-HOLIC a satisfying enough release for my liking. The Wake´s thoroughly melodic, but still hard-as-boner Death Metal simply won my unyielding ears for its side by a load of good things being in present in each of their songs on their 2nd album. The songs just have lots of a shameless rockin´ grooviness involved with them; the guitar parts are pretty punishing yet somewhat surprisingly heavy even, the band´s drummer Wellu seems to let his controlled and sort of sophisticated extra steam out the drum kit whereas Kaj sounds like his ass would have been filled up with red-hot steel bullets, screaming in great pains. While listening to the songs on the band´s 2nd output, such names as Arch Enemy, Carnal Forge and let´s say even Soilwork may occasionally flash in your mind. Some pretty obvious similarities to these 3 aforementioned bands are there, no doubts. Songs like "Rejected", "One More Day" and "The Elbow of Zeus" are all irritatingly marvelous pieces of evidences for that Göteborg´ish sounding Death Metal isn´t completely dead, but still pretty much alive and going strong. I do enjoy listening to albums like The Wake´s latest one every once in a while, even if in smaller doses.

Nothing changes the fact that The Wake has done a respectable good and catchy sounding album as wholeness; a good slab of Göteborg -tinged Death Metal which undoubtedly appeals many. Wanna bet?
Track Listing

01. Suicide Manual
02. Rejected
03. One More Day
04. Downward Groove
05. Instrumental
06. The Elbow of Zeus
07. Good for Nothing
08. Mindless Wrecking Progress
09. Death-a-holic
10. Nailgun


Kaj Michelsson - Vocals & bass
Jani Luttinen - Guitar
Wellu Helenius - Drums
Sakari Lempinen - Guitar

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by Luxi Lahtinen

by Luxi Lahtinen

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