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The Vision Bleak
The Unknown
July 2016
Released: 2016, Prophecy Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Vision Bleak is a band that is no stranger to releasing albums with this being their sixth full length album. Hailing from Germany, they once again bring forth their style of Gothic Metal which they have dubbed “Horror Metal”. They are not far off of the mark either as their music does represent this style.

Being a more Gothic style of music, it’s almost a shock to know that there isn’t female vocals to accompany this, but rather straight on male vocals. They do tend to go from clean to growls, but tend to use the growling more for emphasis rather than as the standard.

The instruments, however, aren’t used to the greatest efficiency. The guitars and drums seem to be by the numbers when it comes to the Gothic sound, while it is the keys and synths that make this stand out. Although, there are many times when the songs have their own way of standing out from one another, so nothing truly blends into each other.

Take, for example, The Kindred of the Sunset. Its intro is much faster than most of the songs on here, while a song like The Whine of the Cemetery Hound is one that builds up almost like an epic. It’s nice to know that one isn’t going to be listening to 9 tracks that all sound similar, but rather, 9 tracks that can stand out from each other.

I did feel that by the end of the album it did tend to be a bit long, but with a total running time of 48 minutes, this isn’t something that was concern on multiple listens, but was a bit of a point on my first listen.

There is also an emphasis on different sounds that are employed throughout. This may be in part to the fact this is a two man group, giving them plenty of freedom to do whatever compared to working with a larger group and having to work all their styles in together. At times, I felt there were spots that could have been lifted out of a video game (the outro to Into the Unknown), a song that used more traditional instruments (Ancient Heart) as well as a way to break up the overall pacing of the album (Who May Oppose Me?) Although there is no story here, the overall theme of the album is clear from the start of the album and it doesn’t let you forget it until the album finishes.

Overall it’s a fun album to put on, but I believe it’d work more for setting the mood than for rocking out. With that in mind, it’s still a good album and not one to pass up.
Track Listing

1. Spirits Of The Dead

2. From Wolf To Peacock

3. The Kindred Of The Sunset

4. Into The Unknown

5. Ancient Heart

6. The Whine Of The Cemetery

7. How Deep Lies Tartaros?

8. Who May Oppose Me?

9. The Fragrancy Of Soil Unearthed


Konstanz - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards

Schwadorf - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards



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