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The Unborn
Demo 2002
August 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Does anyone remember the 2001 interview I did with Swedish band Nypon & Blylod - ? If not, maybe you’ve heard the Dwell Records tribute to King Diamond called CHURCH OF THE DEVIL on which Nypon & Blylod covered the ungodly metal classic “The Family Ghost.” From that alone it was very clear that vocalist Nypon (AKA Jonas “Nypon” Nyberg) is a dead ringer for Mr. Diamond. The band was known to many to be the best King Diamond cover band around. The band did put out a demo called A SECRET PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE to show people that they could also write their own music. The band has since renamed to The Unborn. Perhaps this is a good thing, because their first name was not the most pronounceable and doesn’t have the “roll off the tongue” edge to it at all! The "band" is still the same two members: Nypon on vocals and Blylod on all guitars and bass. So under the new moniker we have a new demo, as yet untitled, containing 5 great songs of heavily inspired King Diamond / Mercyful Fate material.

The album opens with the tracks “Wheel of Time” and “Fall Form Grace” – both being mid-tempo KD inspired anthems. Then it’s “Stars Above” which has an intro solo that sounds a bit like Andy La Rocque with the use of the tremelo…kind of reminiscent of something from the great album THEM. Too bad there wasn’t something fast and speedy like a lot of material from that album. It’s the vocals that will either make you love or hate this band. If you love the King Diamond style of vocals including the demented growling, sick laughter, to the unmistakable falsetto from hell, then you will also love this. If you can’t get over the fact of Nypon’s uncanny resemblance to the King, then perhaps this is not the band to jump into. If you don’t mind a band that sounds nearly identical to another or you can’t get enough King Diamond material, then you gotta check this band out! I for one don’t mind the sound alike vocals. After all, how many vocalists imitate Bruce Dickinson, James Hetfield, Glen Benton, Dani Filth, etc? Yes, there can be only ONE King Diamond, but in the world of music there will always be bands that follow in others footsteps. I’d rather hear Nypon’s King Diamond styled vocals than yet another Dani Filth or J. Hetfield for example. The thing is, imitating King takes a lot of hard work and no one else I’ve heard can do the falsetto voice so close as this! The closing track on this demo is “A Visit From The Dead” which as any KD fan knows is a cover! Of course it is ALMOST a perfect facsimile, but I’d like to hear more originals from them...and yes a couple covers here and there is also a nice addition.

Clearly the band doesn’t mind the continued connection to King Diamond. I only wonder will (or should?) the band one day start to take what King has done and move it in another direction or try to further what he has started? If not, I fear they will always be known as “that band with the singer who sounds just like King Diamond.” Time will tell. For now, drop by the band’s site at to download original and killer King Diamond cover tunes!

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