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The Ward
Parts of Humanity
November 2015
Released: 2015, Metal Scrap
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Forming in 2009, the birth of this band was tumulus, with the majority of members leaving before the release of the first album. It’s been a slow recovery since then with permanent member joining the band slowly over the next few years to fill in the gaps. With the band locked in place, The Ward return this year follow up their debut release The Feelings of Pain with their second studio album Parts of Humanity. Similar to previous release, the album focuses on people and emotional impact, this time attacking the modern world and lamenting the loss of older values.

When it comes to the album cover, the band don’t seem to have set the bar very high, with a distinctly dodgy b-movie feel to the eyes hovering above towerblocks. Getting into the first song however, the sound contains a surprisingly solid tone. Chugging guitars have some good depth and keep a solid pace moving through the songs. While the album starts well, there doesn’t seem to be much variety as we move through the tracks with many of them relying on similar tone, pace and vocal sound to carry the track through. This is only broken once throughout the album in Under the Fire Garden, which takes the tempo up a few notches with a frantic race through the first half of the song before eventually falling back into the same patterns as the majority of the album. The sound is broken up with symphonic sections, however while these are also well written, the sections are weak and underdeveloped.

This isn’t a bad effort by the band but the album could have used a lot more work to shape it into something that makes a real impact. Parts of Humanity lacked variety and while sections may have been well written, the execution is often slopping with sections jarring against each other rather than feeding the other. The band have made a promising start but without a fresh injection of ideas they’ll remain relegated to the realm of background music.

Review by Caitlin Smith
Track Listing

End of Time
Towards Extinction
Under the Fire Garden
Death Monastery
The Ultimate Dream
In the Depths of Theories


Alan - Bass
ArtMiss - Keyboard
Dryth - Vocals



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