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The Slayerking
Sanatana Dharma
March 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Coming out of the fertile metal land of Greece is new act, The Slayerking. Leading the charge is Nightfall main man Efthimis K who handles bass and vocals here. He’s joined on guitar and drums by a couple of heretofore unknowns, Kostas K. and Anna Eleftherou.

Adorned by a very cool-looking cover, SANATANA DHARMA is The Slayerking’s debut album. Fans of Nightfall’s dark, gothic sound will feel right at home in the album’s doomy, slightly psychedelic grooves. That’s the basic description, but the eight songs that comprise the album encompass a myriad of styles, from progressive leanings, to death metal-inflected passages (and growled vocals), to traditional doom sounds. It’s an interesting mixture for sure, and when it works, it’s intoxicating, such as the infectious “Black Mother of the Lord of Light”. Other tracks are certainly less memorable, but as a whole, the album leaves a lasting impression of a band willing to take the less-worn path and attempting to explore new avenues.

Performance-wise, the band is flawless, if unspectacular. Although I’m not a huge fan of Efthimis’s vocals, he projects a certain charisma that carries the sometimes unconventional song writing (check out “Sargon of Akkad” for an example of this). The overall effect, whether intended or not, is that this comes off as something of a solo project for Efthimis K. For better or worse, his performance dominates the album.

While I’m not completely on board with The Slayerking’s music, it is interesting enough to warrant a look. Nightfall fans will naturally be drawn to this but anyone that’s into doom, stoner, or psychedelic-sounding metal should check this out as well.
Track Listing

1. She Is My Lazarus
2. Black Mother of the Lord of Light
3. Sargon of Akkad
4. Magnificent Desolation
5. We Are the End
6. My Lai
7. The Man That Never Was
8. Southern Gate of the Sun


Efthimis K: Vocals, Bass
Kostas K: Guitar
Anna Eleftherou: Drums



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