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The Silent Rage
Harvester of Souls
August 2011
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Greece has long been a solid contributor to the heavy metal cause, spitting out its share of both traditional heavy metal and especially black metal. Hailing from Attica, The Silent Rage continues the tradition of quality Greek metal. Like many bands, they’ve had their share of line up issues – one look at their Metal Archives page reveals 13 (!) past band members. That’s an incredible number for a band that only formed in 2006. Possibly because of this turmoil, the band has only one prior release to their name, an eponymously titled EP from 2009. HARVESTER OF SOULS is the band’s second EP.

The Silent Rage fancy themselves a melodic power metal band and one listen to their music proves this is an accurate description. Dionisis Kontis’ vocals are typical of power metal, soaring and clear, but the band does well to mix things up with Nikos Siglidis’ gruff vocals from time to time. Have no fear though, this isn’t some metalcore-ish clean/growl type thing. Siglidis’ contributions are more of a ‘80s thrash gruffness than true growls. Combined with the band’s rougher sounding production values and tone and you’ve got a band that’s almost more traditional ‘80s metal than power metal.

Whatever you want to call it, call it good headbanging music. Although HARVESTER OF SOULS is only five songs long, the band makes the most of it, cranking out 5 solid metal tunes without a bit of filler. Of the five, three are re-recorded songs from t heir first release and two are new compositions. The three older songs are pretty much straight-ahead metal songs, the best of which is the galloping “Wings of Tragedy”. The two new songs show that the band is moving in the right direction, as they are both better than the other three. “Inner Scars” is the most pure power metal-sounding song on the disc, sounding like something you might hear on an Iron Fire album. Meanwhile, the title track is just a classic traditional metal song with a catchy riff and great vocal interplay.

HARVESTER OF SOULS is a great introduction to The Silent Rage and an enjoyable listen in its own right. According to their bio, the band is working on their first full-length album, so I’ll definitely keep my ears peeled for that. In the meantime, I’ll keep spinning this EP.
Track Listing

1) Perished In Flames
2) Inner Scars
3) Leading the Legions
4) Harvester of Souls
5) Wings of Tragedy


Dionisis Kontis: Lead Vocals
Nikos Siglidis: Guitar, Harsh Vocals
Kostas Mavroyannis: Lead Guitar
Stavros Tsilivarakos: Bass
Stelios Pavlou: Drums

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