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The Shizit
Remixed For The Revolution
February 2005
Released: 2004, D-Trash Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This is a remix compendium for the mighty Shizit—one of the more promising metallic digital hardcore acts brapping across the horizon.

Leading the charge is a remix by Canada’s mighty Schizoid. The combination of hyper-charged beats and the intestinal churning of the grinding guitars make for a techno-thrash mix of curious strength. Some will immediately compare this sort of thing to Atari Teenage Riot; but this is for people devoid of better references (although, for the record, the reference becomes quite valid on the straightforward digital hardcore track, “Anti Culture (Angry Culture Mix),” which channels ATR’s “Delete Yourself” a bit.).

I would personally dare any serious Industrial Metal fan to find anything heavier than “Point Click Kill (Disrupted Mix).” It has a pummeling Red Harvest-meets-Klute sort of vibe…and then gets funky. Really—it must be heard to be believed. “Herdcore (Punish Yourself Mix)” slithers with an almost Killing Joke sort of vibe, before the quasi-rap post-hardcore vocals kick in. “Dear Government Alien8 The St8 Mix)” reminds me of an obscure “orthodox aggro-industrial” band called X-Propagation, minus the TV Preacher samples. “Softer (Plotting a Suicide Mix)” sounds suspiciously like labelmates Celebrity Dead, to varying effect.

Sadly, the collective hard drive becomes a bit more fragmented toward the end, with highlights becoming less obvious toward the end. Still, stuff like this fills a serious void that has been disturbingly in decline in this allegedly “futuristic” decade. But for the hard-wired fans of this sort of thing, it is a bargain at any price, for the first half of the disc alone.

How shit like Blut Aus Nord and The Amenta gets passed off as “Heavy Industrial,” while stuff like this gets overlooked, I’ll never know. These are brutal bots, programmed to kill then synthesize your chromosomes just for fun. This is metal for Decepticons, to be downloaded at once.
Track Listing

1. Spit Ak (Schizoid - Politicogrindcore Remix)
2. Point Click Kill (Thoracic Disruptor - Disrupted Remix)
3. Herdcore (Punish Yourself Remix)
4. Anti Culture (Ambassador 21 - Angry Culture Remix)
5. Dear Government (Vinyl Vandal - Alien8 The St8 Remix)
6. Econobeing (Asure Remix)
7. Soundtrack For The Revolution (Hansel - Plotting A Suicide Remix)
8. Audio Jihad II (Needleye - Angry God Demix)
9. Cold Naked Protest (Bastards United Remix)
10. Pain Compliance (eNaMaSeX - Collostomy Damage Remix)
11. I Walk Through Walls (Heartworm - Sourpuss Remix)
12. Firewall (John Merrick's Project - Remix)


J. P. Anderson – Vocals, Programming, Guitars
Orian Shrader – Guitar, Backup Vocals, Samples



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by Gabriel C. Zolman

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