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The Scourger
September 2005
Released: 2005, Stay Heavy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Woah... now we have got some really cool shit here: The Finnish (Dea-)Thrash Metal -patrol The Scourger are determined to slay and kill; at least if we can strickly limit this ´slay & kill´ -talking to the band´s brand-new 2-song single titled pretty aptly, HATEHEAD. I must openly confess that when I heard The Scourger´s 6-song mini-CD called TO THE SLAYGROUND that was already released in the beginning of the on-going year, my kind of an instant thought was: "No, I don´t wanna become familiar with this type of Gothenburg´ish sounding shit any more... it´s getting out of all of my holes already!!".

But then I was handed over this 2-song single by Tony "the heavier - the better" Taleva (thanks bro!) at the Tuska -festival this year, and I´m thankful I gave a 2nd chance to this band. Namely it truly sounds now like The Scourger -fellows are here amongst us, with main intention being to kill and thrill. And probably even more...

"Hatehead", one of the songs off the band´s forth-coming full-lenght album titled BLIND DATE WITH VIOLENCE, has this somewhat strong tendency to bring the Swedish masters of a controlled chaos & confusion At The Gates to my mind - and being the huge At The Gates -fan that I´ve always been, I wouldn´t consider it that bad a thing at all. "Hatehead" fuckin´ rips, roars and basically rapes and crushes your eardrums ´til you decide to push the repeat button again... and again... and once again! A very hope-arousing song as far as the band´s forth-coming album is concerned. Now I truly am getting hungry for more...

"Vicious Circle" has also a nice tendency to keep my fingertips busy against the table determinedly while at the very same time my neck muscles seem to go through some hard times as well, strecthing forward and backward in turns as well as they can, with a twisted rotational motion. Somehow sort of mixture from At The Gates (the riffs!) and Arch Enemy (the heavy rhythm parts!) flits through my mind...

Now stop the nonsense! As a very last thing I just wanna suggest to you politely.. if you have a chance to find this 2-song single from Finland´s The Scourger from somewhere, then be sure not to miss this golden opportunity. The fact is, their singles won´t be waiting for you forever, so by all means act fast - preferably today if possible.
Track Listing

01. Hatehead
02. Vicious Circle (previously unreleased)


Jari Hurskainen- Vocals
Timo Nyberg - Guitar
Harri Hytönen - Guitar
Kimmo Kammonen - Bass
Seppo Tarvainen - Drums

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