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The Royal Blasphemy
Sanatorium: Freedom
April 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Royal Blasphemy, was formed in April 2011 in Portugal, by Tiago (lead vocals and bass guitar), Jota (drums), Mr. John Cyaegha (guitars) and Johnny Coroa (guitars and back vocals).

All well seasoned musicians with over a decade experience under their belts before forming The Royal Blasphemy, in the five years between forming and releasing this long awaited début double album they have built up an impressive work history performing over 70 shows between Portugal and England. Including 7 shows in England as headliners to celebrate the release of their first EP, Prelude for Idiocrazy.

I have decided to review this album in two parts, starting with Sanatorium a heavy and quite aggressive album that looks at the times we are currently living in, but stripping the world of tinted rose colour glasses, it is a frank at brutally honest approach to 'all that is wrong' in the world. The rawness of its message is both disturbing and refreshing, it shouts very loudly about the problems society try to shy away from. I do not want to put this in a political box it is far deeper than another musical political debate, it is a look from the 'grass roots of society' at all the reality that is most peoples lives.

Front man Tiago matches the heavy aggressive music perfectly with vocals that range from demonic to out right scary at times, but this is not a negative it is a chilling skill that leaves the listener in awe as his vocals, it takes the message of the lyrics and punch them straight into your heart. The aggression of the music provokes an inner anger and rebellious feeling that makes the listener want to fight from the depressive truth that society is pretty much doomed. By the time Sanatorium comes to an end you feel you have already been on a journey of riots and protests, so when Freedom plays it is a surprise that the anger appears to have passed and front man Tiago shocks us again with a soulful and harmonic vocal, the band tone it down to slightly softer feel to the music with tracks of the same name Freedom injects hope it gives a twist on the 'doom and gloom' while still 'keeping it real' it manages to somehow add all the fluffy things of human nature to it, the humanitarian aspect to the horror faced across the world.

Do not mistake me here lyrically its still a pretty dis-mole outlook to our future but the feel of this second half is more like we are making way for something better. Almost a baptism of fire. Musically it is on point on every track and it is a story book lyrically that captures the feeling of living in these times beautifully, even if a somewhat tragic and bleak prognosis. The most hitting point to these albums is just how damaging yet hopeful the human race is, the band tell this story musically with perfection the lyrics merely serve to help those who don't want to face the truth no longer want to ignore it.

Reviewed by: Anita Lyons
Track Listing

CD 1 - Sanatorium
1 - Prelude For Idiocrazy
2 - Corruption (I’ll Never Surrender To You)
3 - Injustice
4 - The Riot
5 - Poverty
6 - Depression
7 - Escape
8 - Anarchy
9 - Death
10 - No Future
CD2 - Freedom (Unplugged)
1 - Prelude For Mediocrazy
2 - Corruption (I’ll Never Surrender To You)
3 - Injustice
4 - The Riot
5 - Poverty
6 - Depression
7 - Escape
8 - Anarchy
9 - Death
10 - No Future


Tiago Borges - Lead Vocals & Bass
Jonny Crown - Guitars & Back Vocals
Mr John Cyaegha - Guitars
Jota - Drums

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