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The Rotted
Get Dead Or Die Trying
October 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Since we last heard from the U.K.’s Gorerotted on 2005’s A NEW DAWN FOR THE DEAD, they have undergone a name change (known simply as The Rotted now), replaced three members and streamlined their sound to a more straightforward death metal approach from their earlier gore-grind/horror themes. Fortunately, The Rotted has maintained its sense of humor (the clever puns used in its song titles remain—where would we be without “Stab Me Till I Cum” and “Her Gash I Did Slash”?) and can still deliver the goods on the band’s fourth full-length, GET DEAD OR DIE TRYING.

“Nothin’ But A Nosebleed” resonates with gritty death metal riffage but that ugly British street punk/crust vibe creeps in, as well. Motoring along with an urgency usually reserved for the fastest of brutal death metal, “The Howling” emits a groovy accessibility that cannot be denied. Likewise, “A Return To Insolence” boasts an impossibly catchy lead from former Cradle of Filth axeman, Gian Pyres, who is now in the fold and his addition to band was a smart one. “Kissing You With My Fists” sounds like an ode to trailer park rednecks everywhere but Ben McCrow (AKA “Goreskin”) reels in an impressive arsenal of growls and screams with bassist Phil Wilson and new drummer Nate Gould nailing a rock-solid rhythm section. Where the ambient centerpiece, “A Brief Moment of Regret,” gives the listener a two-and-half minute respite, “Angel of Meth” and “It's Like There's A Party In My Mouth (And Everyone's Being Sick)” crackle with a mosh-ready intensity that will certainly transpose into the band’s live set, as well.

The Rotted strike me as one of those rare bands that has always been there but never really found its audience. Despite being almost ten years in, you rarely hear of them in metal fan circles or discussed on message boards and as far as getting name-dropped goes, when was the last time you heard anyone mention them, either? For whatever reason, The Rotted just seem to fly under the radar while consistently delivering good, but never great material and GET DEAD OR DIE TRYING continues that tradition. This record is a solid entry in terms of quality death metal but is pretty forgettable once you get finished listening, so expect it to fizzle away after a month or two and never be heard from again...much like the band itself, unfortunately.

KILLER KUTS: “Nothin’ But A Nosebleed,” “The Howling,” “Kissing You With My Fists,” “Angel of Meth,” “It's Like There's A Party In My Mouth (And Everyone's Being Sick)”
Track Listing

1. Nothin' But A Nosebleed
2. The Howling
3. A Return To Insolence
4. Kissing You With My Fists
5. Angel of Meth
6. A Brief Moment of Regret (Instrumental)
7. The Body Tree
8. Get Dead Or Die Trying
9. It's Like There's A Party In My Mouth (And Everyone's Being Sick)
10. Fear and Loathing In Old London Town
11. 28 Days Later (Instrumental)


Ben McCrow—Vocals
Gian Pyres—Guitar
Tim Carley—Guitar
Phil Wilson—Bass
Nate Gould—Drums

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The Rotted
Get Dead Or Die Trying
November 2008
Released: 2008, Get Dead Or Die Trying
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

From the back alleys of London rises The Rotted. The band was previously called Gorerotted and was formed 1997 and under that name released three albums. Gorerotted was one of the leading acts within the British extreme metal scene. However, with members leaving and new ones joining the remaining members decided to change the band name in order to stay true to the old members and the ideal and concept behind the band.

The Rotted rests on a solid foundation of aggressive, brutal, technical and complex death/thrash metal. They have added hardcore, black metal and punk to that mix and out come The Rotted. They have also added some mean guitar attacks which are topped of by the lethal vocals by singer McCrow. He varies in between singing in every possible vocal style. He covers all kind of styles like death, thrash, hardcore and black metal vocals. He has a big part in making GET DEAD OR DIE TRYING sounding so amazing. But it does sometimes sound like it’s someone else singing certain parts.

The band has tried to vary the songs by putting in some slower parts in certain song to make them a little bit different. This strange kind of music and vocal style may sound a bit weird but I think you have to listen to it to fully understand it. This disc is a sheer lesson in violence and I love it. It’s a schizophrenic hybrid of extreme metal and punk hardcore violence that spits in the face of life itself.

This angry disc clocks in at 40 minutes and by then The Rotted has had time to deliver 11 songs. Just by looking at the song titles you can figure out that the band is living a hard life. GET DEAD OR DIE TRYING is probably as hard as an album can get and despite all the different musical styles the album works really well and ought to appeal to fans of all kinds of different music genres.

As killer tracks I’d say the entire album because it’s jammed with delightful angry fists of fury. It might be a bit boring and unusual for me but I can’t find anything that’s negative with this album. The production made by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Wildhearts, Dimmu Borgir) and James Dunkley (Crass, Crowbar, Blaze Bayley) are solid as a rock and angry as hell. It’s the perfect production for McCrow and crew.

If you’re into Gorerotted or any kind of extreme metal has now the opportunity to buy something extremely great, GET DEAD OR DIE TRYING is a perfect way of spending your money.
Track Listing

Nothing But A Nosebleed
The Howling
A Return To Insolence
Kissing You With My Fists
Angel Of Meth
A Brief Moment Of Regret
The Body Free
Get Dead Or Die Trying
It’s Like There’s A Party In My Mouth (And Everyone’s Being Sick)
Fear And Loathing In Old London Town
28 Days Later


Ben McCrow – lead vocals
Tim Carley – guitar
Gian Pyres – lead guitar
Wilson – bass
Nate Gould – drums

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