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The Provenance
25th Hour Bleeding
December 2001
Released: 2001, Scarlet Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

How large the Gothenburg scene is actually ?! Does everyone jump from one band to another band, or then form a side project with other members of another Gothenburg bands to cary out other musical ideas and expressions. I mean by that cos The Provenance is as many other bands here in this site from Gothenburg although everyone keeps claiming how tiny the local metal scene is...hmmm.... Well on the contrary to the typical melo death oriented style what most of the local bands stand for there, The Provenance have chosen another path to carry out their own musical expression in the dismal world of sadness and gothic with the beautiful harmony female vocals.

Listening to this sort of gothic stuff ain't the most pleasant thing on the earth at least for me, cos I have never realized and managed to adopt gothic bands' peaceful and harmony approach. Anyway let's try to keep my prejudiced attitude away and focus on the band's debut album. First off my ears caught the vocalist Emma Hellstrom's beautiful and melodious voice reminding me occasionally of the delivery of the Theatre Of Tragedy female vocalist. As for the stuff of The Provenance, well to be honest they do play in the same sandbox with other bands of the gothic genre sharing the basic same harmony sad elements and occasionally these normal Gathering/Theatre OF Tragedy connotations tent to rise up from the stuff of Bleeding. Although according to the band's statement that they are willing to play something different never done before. But c'mon trying to bring something new is evidently getting more difficult for bands of every metal genre owing to everything has been made up and used more or less and newer bands usually get influenced by other and especially wellknown bands when composing their own tunes. It is reasonable to compare The Provenance to both TOT and The Gathering to make clear to all of readers about what sort of stuff they actually play. To say it honestly that everyone digging those kinds of bands should pick up the Provenance cd to check out.
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