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The Project Hate MCMXCIX
In Hortis Mortis Nostra
February 2008
Released: 2008, StormVox Records/Playground Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

StormVox is owned by Swedish actor Peter Stormare and he’s signed the brilliant Swedish band The Project Hate MCMXCIX. Hopefully it’s a smart move and let’s hope the band gets a lot more promotion now that they are signed to his label and now that their new album IN HORTIS MORTIS NOSTRA is out. The new drummer is Mojjo from Engel. Prior to him all drums were programmed and I can say that with Mojjos arrival the music sounds definitely more powerful and dark. All fans that have waited patiently since ARMAGEDDON MARCH ETERNAL – SYMPHONIES OF SLIT WRIST; here is a new masterpiece from one of the best bands in Sweden today. Bandleader and genius Lord K has great vision with his music and unlike many other musicians he actually achieves his visions and makes them come true.

The work on IN HORTIS MORTIS NOSTRA started out 2006 and the recording began 2007. The extremely appealing cover art work was done by Marko Saarelainen and for once both music and cover art work in symbiosis with each other. Enckell came up with the title of the album. It’s the last phrase in the catholic prayer Ave Marie and means something like – in the moment of our death. It’s hard to describe what kind of music this band is dedicated to but hey, I’m a humble guy so let’s give it a try. When I push play my ears are flooded by a wonderful combination of death/black metal with calmer parts that consist of Goth, orchestral arrangements and piano parts. Both singers Sandström and Enckell sound extremely good together and Sandström’s evil death metal vocals along with Enckell’s beautiful angel like voice are an experience to hear. The music is simply brilliant and when you listen to THP it feels like you’re standing at the edge of hell waiting to fall down.

IN HORTIS MORTIS NOSTRA is an album you have to have and that’s it. I can’t imagine what the next album is going to sound like as will be almost impossible to top this and I raise my glass to Lord K and his crew.
Track Listing

Annihilation of all that is Holy
Crawling trough the Infinite Fields of Carnage
Serenades of Rotten Flesh
For Our Name is Chaos Eternal
Tear Down the Walls of Heaven
And Damnation is Forced upon the Weak
The Innocence of the three-faced Savior


Jörgen Sandström – demons
Jonna Enckell – angels
Petter S. Freed – guitar
Michael Håkansson – bass
Lord K Philipsson – guitar, keyboards, programming, serpents, b-vox
Mojjo – drums

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