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The Phoeron
The Absu Meditations
May 2005
Released: 2005, D-Trash Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Trance-loving Black Metal fiends in love with death, and the more esoteric Red Stream releases, will summon this one forth into their blackened little hearts, and cursed little soundsystems. Ambient and occultic in the utmost, this is an aural Austin Osman Spare sigil for manifesting chaos as phenomena in the phenomenal world—Magick Musick for the Ritual Proper. It opens much like “Endemoniada” from Fields Of The Nephilim’s seminal self-titled release, before the rhythmic pulse-beats pound the listener into hypnotic, sub-metallic abandon.

The follow-up, “Still (First) Born,” is somewhat less satisfying, being more traditionally industrial. “Pagan Saviour” sounds like Gothic, rhythmic poetry. “Der Ubermensch” is more disturbing, with its distorted, blackened guitar ambience and EVP-like vocals; whereas “Dead, But Dreaming…” and “Oh, Poison!” have more of a Darkwave soundtrack feel. “Triadage” is harder, louder, and more metallic—sort of like if Emperor covered a Psychic TV or SPK track. It is definitely a highlight of the CD.

This is, essentially, Blackened Harsh Goth-Industrial with a metallic underbite. Fans of Archon Satani and Coil will appreciate this, as well as Harsh Electro-loving Thelemites and Elder Gods near and far.
Track Listing

1. Das Absu
2. Still(First)Born
3. Pagan Saviour
4. Forest-Dark
5. Der Ubermensch
6. Dead But Dreaming
7. Oh Poison
8. Triadage
9. Belial

Includes Bonus Tracks!


Arra Phoer'os - Synth, Guitar, Vocals, wanton abuse of drum machine, false prophecy, sorcery, cursing, ruining people's lives, corrupting the "Innocent', public displays of Anti-Mormonism, caffeine and nicotine abuse, a complete disregard For authority, inciting revolutions of blood, mind, and spirit, and a wide variety of other "Blasphemous" and socially unacceptable behaviour which, for legal reasons cannot be listed here.

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by Gabriel C. Zolman

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