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The Ordher
March 2008
Released: 2007, Unique Leader
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

It isn't a secret how much I have always adored the Brazilian extreme metal scene for a few decades now. Whenever I get a hold of an output of some Brazilian death metal horde, it is quite obvious that disc will keep spinning on the player for some time for sure. As for The Ordher, in fact the band could be described as a new old band for various reasons. First off, this three piece line-up consists of former members of Nephasth and Rebaelliun who both unleashed a couple of hellish death metal onslaughts. The Ordher basically stands for a brutalized assault of raw and extreme death metal as paved by both these two bands in the past. It is obvious that high quality and above all brutal stuff can be expected from The Ordher guys. It would be quite easy to name some major names having influenced the guitarist Penna to create these lethal deadly metal hymns. The band delivers the material filled with utter blasbeat drumming to the more heavy groove oriented stuff like such as the song “Father” which happens to be one of my personal favorite tunes off the album.

The whole 11 track output is an uncompromising maelstrom of brutal death metal. The vocalist Lentino’s brutal and deep deadly grunts definitely fit the whole death metal assault by The Ordher. They may be blamed for being an unoriginal and typical death metal squad, but who cares to be honest as long as the three-piece brazilian can unleash hellish tormenting death metal with this sharp and brutal stuff. WEAPONIZE is a must for anyone digging the real Brazilian death ….
Track Listing

1. Weaponize
2. You've Become My Enemy
3. The Poison
4. Rise
5. Won't Stand Behind the Line
6. These Hatred Deeds...
7. Father
8. Shot
9. Through the Walls
10. When the Storm Arrives
11. Blessed Be All Wars


Fabio Lentino - Vocals, Bass
Fabiano Penna - Guitars
Mauricio Weimar - Drums

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