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The Mighty Nimbus
December 2004
Released: 2004, Threeman Recordings
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen


Well, I meant to say, “FUCKING WOW!” with screaming capital letters instead!

A great fuckin’ sludge and corpse-heavy Doom Metal band comes from Minnesota, USA. This doomy heaven has got a name, The Mighty Nimbus. The band said to have been influenced by such acts as Crowbar, St. Vitus and The Obsessed, but I would also add bits of grooviness from Entombed and of course more than a couple of spoonfuls of Black Sabbath’s influence to the same pile, too. Oddly, The Mighty Nimbus even remind me of Finland’s God Forsaken a bit. “Raising the Mammoth” could have been ripped from God Forsaken’s debut album DISMAL GLEAMS OF DESOLATION, so we indeed are talking a quite varied musical package here all in all.

I have to say that ever since I received this CD from Daniel at Threeman Records, I have honestly been listening to the band’s amazingly strong self-titled album over and over and over again ... forwards and backwards. I have been thinking that doom metal has never felt so good. This is a pretty fuckin’ sensational release, not only in this century as far as Doom Metal is concerned, but for the whole Doom Metal genre since it all began, dear folks. The band has a real understanding of what this type of music should be all about and they have taken all advantage out of it indeed.

I really love the very groovy, dead-heavy and sludge Doom Metal sound that is present on this album. It sounds like all nine songs on this album have been done really carefully, paying attention to what’s essential to make Doom Metal sound convincing, catchy and like a nostalgic trip to a wonderland of jolly Doom Metal. Sounds so sweet and corny, doesn’t it? Hah...!!

What surprised me a hell of a lot, is that the band recorded this album in 24 hours, so there must undoubtedly be something really special involved with this band. Doom metal fans rejoice! One of the most hopeful Doom Metal acts of today according to my crystal ball.
Track Listing

01. Everything I See
02. I´ll Never Weep
03. Broken Hoof
04. Drinkin' on a Pile of Skulls
05. Fenrir
06. Raising the Mammoth
07. Impose My Will
08. Sacrament of the Sick
09. Eclipse
10. Born too Late (Saint Vitus cover)


Dan Soren – Vocals
Erik Larson – Guitar
Dinis deCarvalho – Low-end guitar
Minnesota Pete Campbell – Lead guitar
Andy Campbell - Drums

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