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The Machete
September 2005
Released: 2005, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I remember the following quote from last year when reviewing Finland´s Machete´s (or The Machete as they have added “The” to the name of the band nowadays) 3-song promo-CD: “Predicting the future ain´t easy task to anyone, that´s for sure - but I can already see something good happening to Machete by the end of the year...”.

Well, consider me a true disciple of the French-born Michel de Nostradamus, but The Machete –camp got signed a deal with Finland´s Spinefarm Records (hardly any surprise, I guess...) 6th of June 2005 – and here I am holding the band´s debut full-length album titled REGRESSION in my hairy hands while at the same time my ears are enjoying what is blasting out from the speakers.

Those of you poor bastards who still haven´t got a chance to become familiar with The Machete –stuff, try to think Entombed´s WOLVERINE BLUES album squeezed through a ´Thrash Metal´ -mould, a vocalist who at times manages to come amazingly close to L.G. Petrov with his growling type of singing); then get it melted with a good dose of some melody ingredients – and finally add a couple of careful spoons from Finland´s Speed/Thrash Metal merchants Stone into the same soup as far as certain technical ingredients are concerned and... VOILA! You have got The Machete. Or at least you have come pretty close.

This 11-song album from the band includes all band´s 3 songs (“Lost for Words”, “Turned to Dust” and “Inward Spiral” that are) from their 2004 promo, plus 8 new ones. I honestly confess to like The Machete´s most straight-forward and brutal songs on REGRESSION. Besides those aforementioned 3 tunes that already were on their last year´s promo, I got my head greatly kicked and punished by such songs as “New Me” which is absolutely the most vicious and malicious deathrashing outburst on REGRESSION - being followed pretty near in sheer intensity and brutality by “True Nature”, “Total Desecration” and “Mouth Head” that are meant to increase your pain level in pleasure. These particular 7 songs are the ones that kind of fulfilled my own expectations from their debut album whereas the rest of the songs on REGRESSION didn´t quite reach the same intensity level even if I´m not saying they are any worse tunes than the rest. They are just less brutal, less pissed-off and less aggressive for my awfully picky taste – and just are more melodic structurally, with some clean vocal parts and such that necessarily don´t serve their purpose the best possible way in their somewhat mercilessly hard sound in my opinion. The Machete are certainly at their best and most convincing form when they let their fury totally get unleashed without sucking in those melodic parts too much. I have already seen them playing live a couple of times, so please listen to this ´Dr. Metal´ in question for a short moment, will ya?

REGRESSION is a very good debut from these guys (of which 3 out of 4 play in the Finnish thrashers Mokoma in case you are after some detailed info...) and there´s nothing on the album they should be ashamed of. Now I´m just keep on predicting (because I have already proved to be good at it, ha!) that we´ll hear much, much more from them in the future. You just have to sit down, wait... and you´ll see. ;=)
Track Listing

01. True Nature
02. Lost for Words
03. New Me
04. Turned to Dust
05. Total Desecration
06. The Taint
07. Fool for Respect
08. Inward Spiral
09. Blind
10. Mouth Head
11. Bitter End


Juha Javanainen – Guitar
Santtu Hämäläinen – Guitar
Teemu Saikkonen – Drums
Tuomo Saikkonen – Vocals

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